GIFF Weekend 2015


What is GIFF Weekend?
GIFF Weekend is your chance to watch the entire reel of the 16 finalist films from the 2015 Geocaching International Film Festival. On the weekend of November 5-8 only, geocachers will host geocaching events at which these films will be shown publicly for the first time. So pop your popcorn, get out your coziest blankets, and get ready—it’s a global geocaching movie night!

How can I host a GIFF Weekend event of my own?

  1. Make sure you have all the equipment necessary to screen the movies (TV and computer and/or projector, screen, etc.).
  2. Create an Event Cache that takes place on Geocaching.com for November 5, 6, 7, or 8 and wait for it to be published by a Geocaching Reviewer.
  3. Once the event is published, fill out this GIFF Weekend Sign Up form. If Geocaching HQ determines your event meets the requirements for GIFF Weekend, you will be provided with the file containing the GIFF 2015 film reel and your event will be added to HQ’s bookmark list of GIFF Weekend Events. If your event is not approved by Geocaching HQ, you will be notified. We recommend you then notify your guests that you will not be showing the GIFF 2015 films.

What are the requirements for hosting a GIFF Weekend event?

  1. The event must be already published on Geocaching.com
  2. The event must meet the guidelines for events, including being submitted for review two weeks prior to the event date
  3. The event must take place on November 5, 6, 7, or 8, 2015.
  4. The organizer of the event must have a way to show the GIFF film reel to the geocachers in attendance. Approved GIFF events will receive a link to download the file from (.mov or .mp4 format) containing the GIFF films. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to assemble the equipment needed to publicly show these films.

Where can I find a list of Event Caches that are screening the GIFF 2015 films?
Geocaching HQ has made available a bookmark list of approved GIFF Weekend Events. You can also find a GIFF event near you via this map of events.

A Reviewer has published my GIFF Weekend 2015. Does that mean I’m good to go?
Nope! You still need to fill out the GIFF Weekend Sign Up immediately after your event is published and make sure that your event meets all of Geocaching HQ’s requirements for GIFF Weekend events. If your event is approved by Geocaching HQ, it will be added to this bookmark list. You will be sent an e-mail containing a link to download the GIFF 2015 video reel prior to your event.

How long is the GIFF 2015 film reel?
The entire film reel is approximately one hour long.

What file formats will the films be in?
Three file formats will be provided to event hosts:

  • .mov – 41GBs
  • .mp4 – 24GBs
  • .mp4 – 4.4GBs (for DVD creation)

Are these films family-friendly?
Absolutely. Kids are welcome.

Will I earn a souvenir for attending a GIFF Weekend Event?
Yes! We announced on October 6th that a new souvenir will be released for GIFF Weekend. Attendees of registered GIFF Weekend Events will earn the souvenir. 

Alex is a Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. When things get crazy, she sends in the big puns.
  • Ralloh

    Ok, so where are the winning video’s? I’ve searched several pages but cant find them.

  • Dave DeBaeremaeker

    Can you nice folks please provide some sort of idea of how long the event needs to be to show all of the videos? i.e. is it going to take an hour, or an afternoon? 🙂


  • Scott Miller

    Could one charge a nominal fee, like $1.00 to cover the cost of a venue?

  • Scott Miller

    Film Reel is approximately one hour long.

  • Dave DeBaeremaeker

    Thank you!

  • Dave DeBaeremaeker

    According to the guidelines, yes:

    “Event listings may request donations or charge a fee to cover legitimate costs of the event.”

  • AlexGeocachingHQ

    The 16 films that made it to the finals this year haven’t been released publicly yet. That’s what GIFF Weekend is for! GIFF Weekend Event hosts will receive a link to download those films, and they’ll be screened at approved events.

  • Forest-Ghost

    What format will the video be available in? I am trying to host an event but the two venues I am looking at require that the video be on DVD so I want to make share I can put the video onto a dvd.

  • CareforBend

    I have the same question, what format will the films be in.?

  • Reidsomething

    .mp4 and .mov!

  • Reidsomething

    .mp4 & .mov!

  • CareforBend


  • Veli-Pekka Eloranta

    If I host an event, when I will get the video? If it is in .mp4 or mov file format, I need to have some time to convert it to .dcp in order to show it in a movie theather.

  • Reidsomething

    Hey there!

    The films will be made available to official event hosts on Monday, November 2nd.

  • Veli-Pekka Eloranta

    Thanks for the information!

  • Ma Si

    Would be nice from GIFF Weekend´s organizers to give a short film descriptions to us. I am really not okay with the basic idea to invide some people and show them something, I really don´t know nothing about it.

    Is it funny?

    Is it crazy?

    Is it boring?

    I guess, is it cool at the end, but anyway…

  • Alex

    Good question!
    For some context, check out the Vimeo channel of the 2014 GIFF finalists:

    You’ll see the same types of videos again this year. You can also view some snippets of the videos in our teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-KymyaGQDg.