Klamath Basin GeoTour

GeoTour: The Klamath Basin GeoTour
Location: Klamath County, Oregon
Favorite Points: 20

Why Klamath Basin is a great place to visit:
Discover Klamath County and its vast outdoor recreation opportunities. From mountain and road cycling to fishing and hunting, Klamath County has it all within an hours drive of Klamath Falls.

Klamath River view2
The Klamath River winds below a cache. (GC5VFQ0)

Best time of year to visit:
Summertime, when the temperatures are warm enough to take a dip in the region’s pristine lakes.

Must-see attractions:

Check out Lava Beds National Monument or GC5VG1N, home to more than a dozen caves and historic remnants of the region’s Native American and settlement populations.

Hidden gems only locals know about:
Bring your mountain bike to Spence Mountain (GC5VAY8) where newly constructed trails offer a fun and challenging ride.

Klamath Basin Geocoin

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What geocachers are saying about Klamath Basin GeoTour:
“TFTH, and good spot-We really enjoyed feeding the fish at the Hatchery and the man was so friendly and told us we could go and watch and feed the wild fish out back. We did and had a great time!” -Gitinlost1

“Me and my son stopped by after some caving fun. The person before me hide it really well maybe a little to well was pretty much standing on it and did not even see it.” -kingofhearts6464

Additional Information:
Visit http://kbgeotour.com to download a GeoTour passport and entry form for the raffle.

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McLoughlin view3
The Mt. McLoughlin trailhead begins with a bridge over a wilderness stream. (GC5VAXP)