I FEEL sLOVEnia: Brand New Geocaching Country Souvenir for Slovenia


The official slogan of the Slovenian Tourist Board is “I FEEL SLOVENIA”, and it’s easy to see why:

  • Two-thirds of Slovenia is covered in forests
  • Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain, and the Karst
  • One percent of Slovenia is covered by vineyards
  • Slovenia is the first of FIVE geocaching country souvenirs to be released this year! 

That’s correct! If the allure of varied landscapes, rich culture, and countless barrels of wine weren’t enough, you can now earn a geocaching country souvenir for logging a geocache in Slovenia (in addition to four other new countries that will be revealed soon). Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that are displayed on your geocaching profile page when you find a geocache in certain locations.


As an aperitif, we’ve put together five must-see geocaches from “the green piece of Europe.” Enjoy!


GC14916 – Vas Kocno

Vas Kocno
GC14916 Vas Kocno is a 6 stage Multi-Cache in a charming village

According to the geocache’s listing page, this geocaching is in one of the most idyllic regions of Slovenia:

Kočno is a wonderful small village, surrounded by unspoiled nature. It counts about 20 homes with 85 inhabitants. It’s located on the eastern side of Pohorje mountain at some 500 meters altitude and on the south side of the Polskava river. The villagers are mostly occupied with farming, primarily agriculture, growing cattle, fruits and wine. The village is nicely arranged and is a real open-air ethnological museum. Old farming machines, tools and gadgets that were used in old times on farms in Kočno and surroundings, are put on display all around the village.

While in this lush area, consider a side trip to Maribor, site of the world’s oldest fruit bearing grapevine—over 400 years old!


GC488RH – Ljubljanski nebotičnik / Skyscraper

GC488RH – Ljubljanski nebotičnik / Skyscraper is a Traditional Cache with an amazing view of the capital city

In the capital city of Ljubljana, one of the most recognizable landmarks is Nebotičnik also known as Ljubljana’s skyscraper. When construction was complete in February of 1933, it was one of the tallest buildings in all of Europe. When you enter the skyscraper, take a moment to admire the gorgeous spiral staircase before heading up to the grand 360° view and tiny geocache on the observation deck.


GC3QWBD – Morigenos

GC3QWBD Morigenos is a Traditional Cache in the seaside town of Piran
GC3QWBD Morigenos is a Traditional Cache in the seaside town of Piran

This geocache will take you to a beautiful location overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and was made in partnership with the Morigenos – Slovenian Marine Mammal Society who study a resident population of bottlenose dolphins in the area.  For an additional cost of 1 € and some extra time, head up to the top of the church tower for a view of the town and coastline.


GC26YR7 – Blejski otok / Island on Lake Bled

Island on the Lake
GC26YR7 Blejski otok / Island on Lake Bled is a Traditional Cache on Slovenia’s only island

One of the oldest castle in Slovenia is the site of countless picturesque postcards. As tradition goes, if a couple gets married at the church on Bled Island, the groom must carry the bride up all 99 steps to ensure a long and happy marriage. You have three methods for reaching the geocache on Bled Island:

  1. Take a boat
  2. Swim over in the summer months (make sure to bring extra clothes that are appropriate for entering the building on the island), or
  3. Walk across the frozen lake in winter

One would think that the storybook nature of finding this geocache would be impossible to top, but inside the geocache is another set of coordinates for a nearby bonus geocache. Fairy tales do come true!


GC1W8FM – Zelenci Sources

GC1W8FM Zelenci Sources is stunning EarthCache

Given the piercing green color of this lake, it’s obvious to see how Zelenci Sources got it’s name: Zelen means “green” in Slovene. You’ll be able to spot mini water “jets” that resemble tiny volcanoes under the surface of the water, and find two types of lizards in this area. If you want to see super cool 360° photos of this natural wonder, click this link.

Inspired yet? Better start packing your bags and exploring the wonders of Slovenia and meeting their lovely citizens! 

Slovenian GIFF Weekend 2015 in Ljubljana
Slovenian GIFF Weekend 2015 in Ljubljana

We’ll unveil one new souvenir every week until all FIVE are officially released and awarded by mid December. Souvenirs that are currently available can be found hereA list of currently available geocaching souvenirs and even the ones you’ve already earned can be found on Geocaching.com. And, if you’ve already found a geocache in Slovenia, we will retroactively add this souvenir to your profile after all five country souvenirs are announced.

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Have you found a geocache in Slovenia? Tell us your experience in the comments below!


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