3 reasons to write great logs

You’re on a geocaching roll, earning smileys left and right. With so many finds piling up, it’s tempting to post a TFTC and leave it at that…

(Cue the screeching halt.) Before you do, give us a chance to convince you otherwise.

3 reasons why great logs are a good thing:

1: You’ll make a cache owner’s day.
Yes, cache owners read your logs. Be sure to give your heartfelt thanks.

2: Thoughtful logs help future seekers.
Are there new conditions in an area? Did you find the geocache trickier than the difficulty rating implied? Geocachers will appreciate the information (but beware of leaving spoilers).

3: Record a story-worthy moment.
Logs are like a geocaching diary, helping you remember the great moments — and the hilarious.

This just in: Drafts

Drafts are now in the Geocaching® app. Drafts lets you start writing a log in the field on the Geocaching® app and finish it later in the app or on Geocaching.com. This feature was formerly known as Field Notes.

There you have it: three reasons to write great logs and a new feature that makes doing so, easy. What are you waiting for? Get logging!

Have a log you love? Tell us about it in the comments below.

  • veggiesattva

    I don’t see Drafts in my geocaching app. How do you get them? The Found It screen doesn’t have the draft option that you show, I don’t see a draft screen anywhere, and there’s no update available in the iPhone App Store. Are you announcing an update that’s not actually available yet? And if so, when can we get it? This is one of the critical features most lacking in the new app.

  • Militescriste

    Thank you! With the retirement of the old app, this was the one feature I was going to miss the most! Thanks for listening!!

  • Alex Wijffels

    I am very disapointed.
    These notes I hardly use.
    I am far more interested to have the personal notes option in the app, the notes you also see on the webpage. If I solve a puzzle and the code for the lock is in the checker, I need to be able to write it somewhere. So I use the “personal cache note” on the webpage for that.
    With the old geocaching tool I could access that information in the field.
    The new app doesn’t have it ….
    So, I am very very sad that I now have to say farewell to my old and fantastic geocaching app.

  • Kevin Duncan

    In the email it says that the app was submitted to the Apple store as v5.0. HQ just let us know early that it was coming. If you see v5 in the App store, it will have the Field Notes update (yes, I’m still going to call them Field Notes. 🙂 )

  • DazzlinDino

    What I would like to see is a post for solved coordinates on the web page that shows up as a waypoint in the app

  • Kristin Hamann

    I too would like to see my personal cache notes on the app, you know the ones you enter on the webpage. I put lots of info there to myself including combinations of locks, or detailed street directions to the gz. Please make that available on the app.

  • Joe Vecciarelli

    This is one of the features that I missed in the new app. Thanks for adding.
    Now, get started on the personal cache note feature. 🙂

  • Danny Brian

    Hey Alex,
    I agree. The personal notes option would be great. I would really like to see the option for Personal Notes added in.
    I did however find a couple of workarounds that may help for what you are referring too.
    1- go to the puzzle cache you solved on the phone app and go to waypoints and hit the plus sign for “my waypoints’ and enter in the coordinates there. From there you can navigate to the cache. Granted that doesn’t get them entered into a GPSr if you use one like I do.
    2- Also, I found that you can change the listed coordinates on the geocaching webpage. Pull up the cache and click the ‘pencil’ icon next to the listed coordinates and it will allow you to “correct” them. It’s only visible to you on your page. Once you’ve done that you can d/l to your GPSr and you’re off and running.

  • Frits Coenen

    That is already there. Change the listed coordinates on the webpage, and this coordinate shows up as on of the waypoints.

  • –R–

    Thanks for trying to get people to write a thoughtful log. I’m an app user and when I log in the field it’s always something pertaining to the cache and the experience of finding it.

  • –k–

    I’m not very motivated to waste time for nice logs out in nature while there are so many exciting boxes waiting for a visit. “Paper work” can be done at home in a more relaxed atmosphere, probably with a nice glass of red wine at hand which may provide in addition some inspiration during the editing process 😉

  • Amanda Belshaw

    Although I’ve got a handful of logs that aren’t much, I really try to write some nice logs for the COs. Geocaching is always an adventure to me, whether I’ve found a park-n-grab skirtlifter or a tree climb. Half of the time, my logs aren’t all about the act of finding the cache but are about the circumstances that happened leading up to my finding the cache or the events that occurred right afterwards. I help myself out by field noting– I select “write note” when logging and put something simple like “Field logging #4 of the day. More later.” That way, I can keep on caching now, and sit down to craft my detailed log later. Cache on, folks!

  • Melli Lantz

    Totally agree! Personal Notes is a much better feature!!! Really gonna miss that!

  • Barry Simmonds

    I believe that it’s just good Geocacher etiquette to post a nice log. No….I have always done that for every cache I’ve logged and am guilty as well. But most of the time I like to post a log.

  • Danny! You’re my hero!! Method 2 works great! It actually labeled the “corrected coords” on the website as the “solved coords” in the Waypoints tab on my app. Good catch! And thanks…


  • Michal Petera

    Great to hear that field notes/drafts are also in the new app. But I don’t think they work correctly.
    Firstly, writing a draft and its submitting to geocaching website works fine – that’s the old functionality.
    But the interface of the app looks like drafts can be changed directly in the app to proper logs. This step truly sends the draft as a log, but it sends the firstly written notes instead of the finally updated text.

  • Ben H

    Hi, Michael. Thanks for your report. What you’re experiencing is a bug that we’ve already completed a fix for. We have submitted an update to Apple and are waiting for their approval. We hope it is approved soon so that we can release it this week.

  • Michal Petera

    Hi Ben, great news, thanks for fixing. It was a bit annoying to find out that I must all those logs write again

  • Ben H

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience, Michael. We released v5.1 with the fix for that problem yesterday, so update if you haven’t already and the problem should be gone.