3 reasons to write great logs

You’re on a geocaching roll, earning smileys left and right. With so many finds piling up, it’s tempting to post a TFTC and leave it at that…

(Cue the screeching halt.) Before you do, give us a chance to convince you otherwise.

3 reasons why great logs are a good thing:

1: You’ll make a cache owner’s day.
Yes, cache owners read your logs. Be sure to give your heartfelt thanks.

2: Thoughtful logs help future seekers.
Are there new conditions in an area? Did you find the geocache trickier than the difficulty rating implied? Geocachers will appreciate the information (but beware of leaving spoilers).

3: Record a story-worthy moment.
Logs are like a geocaching diary, helping you remember the great moments — and the hilarious.

This just in: Drafts

Drafts are now in the Geocaching® app. Drafts lets you start writing a log in the field on the Geocaching® app and finish it later in the app or on Geocaching.com. This feature was formerly known as Field Notes.

There you have it: three reasons to write great logs and a new feature that makes doing so, easy. What are you waiting for? Get logging!

Have a log you love? Tell us about it in the comments below.