Celebrate 3 million geocaches with a new souvenir!

Way to go, geocachers! As of now, there are officially 3 million active geocaches hidden on Planet Earth.*

This is a big moment in geocaching history. What’s even more amazing is that it happened because of a collective effort by millions of people. They speak different languages and live in different countries, but all share one thing in common: geocaching.

This milestone belongs to the geocaching community.

Cache owners, Your creativity and inspiration makes this game unlike any other. Geocaching is what you make it.

Finders, No one would bother hiding a geocache if you weren’t there to find it! Your smileys and thoughtful logs make owning a cache worthwhile.

Premium members, You support the tools needed to connect millions of players to millions of geocaches — and to each other.

Community volunteers, Your commitment to the geocaching community is exceptional. From publishing caches to translating content, moderating the forums, and so much more, the game would not be the same without your dedication.

The 3 million geocaches souvenir.

Geocachers everywhere: Thanks for making 3 million geocaches happen. Join the celebration by earning this special souvenir!

To earn the souvenir, find a geocache or attend an event on April 22 or 23, 2017.

Pro tip: You can see how many caches are in the world at any given time. From the search page, click the green magnifying glass (without entering anything into the search field). Learn more here.

What’s that one-in-three-million, stand-out geocache you’ve found? Tell us about it in the comments below and be sure to check out the limited edition 3 million active geocaches geocoins, tags, and charms in the shop!

* Yes, one is technically hidden on the International Space Station.

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