Celebrate 3 million geocaches with a new souvenir!

Way to go, geocachers! As of now, there are officially 3 million active geocaches hidden on Planet Earth.*

This is a big moment in geocaching history. What’s even more amazing is that it happened because of a collective effort by millions of people. They speak different languages and live in different countries, but all share one thing in common: geocaching.

This milestone belongs to the geocaching community.

Cache owners, Your creativity and inspiration makes this game unlike any other. Geocaching is what you make it.

Finders, No one would bother hiding a geocache if you weren’t there to find it! Your smileys and thoughtful logs make owning a cache worthwhile.

Premium members, You support the tools needed to connect millions of players to millions of geocaches — and to each other.

Community volunteers, Your commitment to the geocaching community is exceptional. From publishing caches to translating content, moderating the forums, and so much more, the game would not be the same without your dedication.

The 3 million geocaches souvenir.

Geocachers everywhere: Thanks for making 3 million geocaches happen. Join the celebration by earning this special souvenir!

To earn the souvenir, find a geocache or attend an event on April 22 or 23, 2017.

Pro tip: You can see how many caches are in the world at any given time. From the search page, click the green magnifying glass (without entering anything into the search field). Learn more here.

What’s that one-in-three-million, stand-out geocache you’ve found? Tell us about it in the comments below and be sure to check out the limited edition 3 million active geocaches geocoins, tags, and charms in the shop!

* Yes, one is technically hidden on the International Space Station.

See this post for a look inside 3 million active geocaches.

  • Sanders Sooners

    Way to go geocachers! I knew we could do it! Looking forward to a new souvenir.
    What was the 3 millionth geocache????

  • simrebel

    Does this include attending a cito event?

  • Annika

    Yes, it will.

  • Annika

    We decided not to highlight a specific geocache as the 3 millionth milestone today – as this is TRULY a communal effort by every geocacher in the world.

  • Ryan Freebury

    So we just find one on one of those days? Then what?

  • Dec Allen

    This is 3 million active correct? So the 3 millionth cache was placed long before now.

  • Dec Allen

    then you get a souvenir on your profile page.

  • LCF carrier

    Then you have found a geocache and hopefully made a good memory at that time.
    Once you log your “Found It” or “Attended” the souvenir automatically shows in your profile under the ‘souvenirs’ tab on your profile page.

  • Annika

    Ha, you’re right 🙂 Yes, over time there has been more than 3 million geocaches. This milestone refers to currently active geocaches.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    So, just to clarify, if we attend a CITO event this weekend, does this mean we receive BOTH a CITO souvenir AND a 3 Million Cache souvenir?

  • Chetterz

    Where do we find the souvenir page on the new app?

  • Mariana E. Belli

    Feliz Geocaching!

  • Joel Wood

    If we do a cito on the iss do we get 3?

  • Fléche

    Bravo !

  • Annika

    Yes, that’s exactly right.

  • Annika

    Haha – not sure, but if you visit Geocaching HQ, or find an Ape cache aaand do a CITO that day – you’d get 3. 🙂

  • Joel Wood

    Ho ho, got to keep a sense of humour, its not just about badges!

  • JTorp

    You find it on your profile webpage at geocaching dot com. Probably not on the app.

  • Sandra Jordan

    I want the one on the space station.
    Congratulations geocaching for reaching this milestone.

  • JimRKY

    THREE Millions served – one cache at a time!

  • Mike McKinzie

    So how many caches have been placed, IN TOTAL?

  • Jacko Duker

    Where can I find the 3Million awarded geocache?

  • Pablo Garcia

    Uf, 3 millions, And me and my daughter only have found 11
    A lot of fun awaiting

  • Hilde De Bruyn

    Joepie een nieuw souvenier
    Team kay

  • Fisarka

    Super 🙂 It is great 😉

  • Jorge Dávalos Bravo

    ¡Tan sólo me faltan 2,999,338 cachés por encontrar!


  • David Baudchon

    Excellent travail d’équipe. bravo à tous.

  • Melissa DeJardine

    Wow this is a huge milestone!! Congratulations Geocachers !! Glad to be a part of the adventures!!

  • Gina

    Hi All! I just joined the blog world! Long time Geocacher! Happy to be a part of such a secret society that’s right under everyone’s noses!

  • 3 millions, c’est énorme, merci ! 😀

  • katvanhorn

    3 million wow…

  • Pat2162

    3 millions félicitations à nous tous 😉
    3 million congratulations to all 😉

  • Joekiks

    Bravo et que ça dur encore longtemps.”” Longue vie au géocaching “”

  • Tera

    You just have to find a cache on the 22nd or 23rd (any cache) to get the virtual souvenir.

  • Tera

    My most memorable cache so far is probably the one at Chris Barbee’s Bowling Ball Yard Art in Nowata Oklahoma. He does this in his yard, he has bowling balls that are donated from all over the world and turns them into sculptures. It is absolutely amazing. He was so sweet to talk to and to see the thousands and thousands of bowling balls that he uses to make such amazing art!

  • baby&Mrs gopher

    Way outback at Boulia Queensland Australia on a caching run of about 5000 k’s. Great to see the next milestone has been reached. We have visited the 200,000,000 th cache hide in Alice Springs Northern Territory Australia 3 times since it’s activation. Just love taking people there to watch the look of achievement.

  • Finnlagh

    My favourite cache was a small one in Costa Rica it took ages of walking and in the boiling heat it was hard but in the end I got it and I couldn’t be more happy

  • Eric Varet

    Pour moi la plus belle cache,c’est celle ST THIBAUT , la premiere cache avec mon filleul .Une magnifique promenade riches en émotions

  • Babypuss

    #love geocaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yves en Provence

    Bizarre, pour avoir le souvenir il faut loguer une cache ou un event … mais si tu poses, t’as rien !
    Bizarre, to have the memory you have to log a cache or an event … but if you create a geocache, you have nothing!
    Bizarr, für die Speicher-Cache anmelden oder ein Ereignis muss … aber wenn Sie einen Geocache erstellen, haben Sie nichts!
    Bizzarro, per la cache di memoria deve effettuare il login o evento … ma se si crea un geocache, non hai niente!

  • Yirrin

    2 millions too much…

  • Dovil

    👍🏼. Congrets. Thank you. For the nice way we can spend our free time 🥂🎂

  • jb25660


  • Joe Miller

    Congratulations to all the hiders and finders on this great accomplishment. Out of about 1,430 caches found, one that stands out with me is wrapping paper (GC57P6R). Although it is listed as a mutli, the first stage required picking up a slip a of paper that needed decoding to find the final stage. After five false starts, I finally had my “ah ha” moment. There was light rain on a rather lengthy walk, found it rather quickly, and to walk back in a heavy downpour. Well, that’s my story….

  • Nicole Globke

    Wow awesome

  • Nous y étions, Bravo! 🙂

  • Alberth MG
  • Edbeans

    Oh neen, net vandaag moesten
    we een “DNF” loggen! ☹

    Gelukkig hadden we ook 6x “found” en ontdekten we weer mooie paadjes
    die we zonder geocachen nooit gevonden zouden hebben!

    Oh no, today, on this
    memorable day, we had to log a DNF ☹

    Fortunately, we could log
    also 6x “found” and we discoverd
    beautiful places that we would never had found without geocaching!