Thank a community volunteer today!

If you’ve been geocaching for a while, you know the game couldn’t exist without the energy and dedication of a bunch of passionate community volunteers.

To begin, there are the 400+ reviewers, translators, and moderators who keep the game in motion and make it accessible to communities all over the world!

Additionally, there are those who join Mega-Event planning committees, those who rent out entire movie theaters to throw glamorous GIFF events, and those who claim “Cache In, Trash Out” as a life philosophy and organize CITO events month after month.

Good fun for everyone
Good fun for everyone

So many geocachers are giving back to the game every day. Please help us recognize them today, May 22, as we mark the first annual Thank A Volunteer Day! Here are five ways to participate:

  1. Send a note to your local reviewer to let them know you appreciate them.
  2. Contact your regional geocaching organization to thank them for their work.
  3. Get in touch with that cacher who’s a regular CITO host to say “thanks!”.
  4. If you live in a non-English speaking country, post a note thanking the volunteer translators on your local geocaching organization’s Facebook page.
  5. Visit the Geocaching Forums and give a shout out to the forum moderators.

Here’s an overview of the different types of Community Volunteers:

Reviewers work with cache owners to make sure every geocache published follows geocaching and local guidelines. Each geocache you find or hide has the digital fingerprints of a community volunteer on it.

Translators make geocaching accessible to people all over the world, by translating the website, apps, and other materials into their local languages. If you’re reading this in another language, that’s because of a community volunteer translator (thank you!).

Moderators keep a pulse on the Geocaching Forums, making sure the conversations are helpful, positive, and on-topic.

How have volunteers elevated your geocaching experience? Post in the comments below!

Alex is a Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. When things get crazy, she sends in the big puns.
  • Ignasi Frechoso Moreno


  • Jo MacDonald

    Not knowing any local volunteers or geocache groups, I’d like to extend my thanks to all who make this pastime/obsession possible. Thank you all for all you do…the rest of us really truly do appreciate you!

  • Sheena Walsh

    I’d like to thank Longman our local reviewer.

  • Debbie Smith

    Thank you to NNJC (Northern New Jersey Cachers) for all the fun community activities and making us feel part of it all!

  • Jennifer Rose Kester


  • Rosa Borges

    Agradecemos a todos os voluntários! Parabéns!

  • Janet Uline

    I would like to thank Starkiller for organizing the monthly meeting in Finch, On. He doesn’t even live in that town. Thanks for all your time and effort that you put into the meetings.

  • Mariana E. Belli

    Clocker, GeoDeep, Orus, Happy Volunteer Day!
    Thank you

  • GeoLouie

    I would like to send a huge shout-out and thank you to AZ Kokopelli, out volunteer reviewer. It seems like Kokopelli is in many places at one time because he gets everything accomplished so quickly. He has helped me numerous times with hides, coordinates, you name it. Such a great guy and AZ is a better place with him in it! GeoLouie

  • Michelle peachtree55

    Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who make geocaching possible! Peachtree55

  • Horst Fischer

    Vielen Dank für eure Mühen 🙂 Danke an alle Reviewer, Volunter die unser Hobby Geocaching ermöglichen

  • salena rotz

    I’d like to thank Flatland Reviewer for the work they have to do in my area!

  • Carole Williams

    I would like to thank the South Western Arizona Geocachers S.W.A.G. for all the hard work they do.

  • Pipesy

    Surely these people have enough to get through without having to read through notes from everyone saying thanks lol. I appreciate their work more than anyone, none more so than our local reviewer Antheia, I’ve inundated her with no end of work with my series’, but I’m sure they’d prefer a break from their computers 😂 Thanks though Yvonne if you do read through this thread!

  • Many thanks to Chuck Walla for being an awesome reviewer in Arkansas (and also Louisiana) and striving to keep our game great here in Arkansas (specifically in Northwest Arkansas where I know he gets a mental workout with some of the crazy mystery ans letterbox hides we get up here… I’M LOOKING AT YOU SANDERS_SOONERS & CLOAKNDAGGER!). Thanks to him for all he does!

  • Nascar Joe

    A big kudos to iowa.landmark our reviewer in Iowa. Also to the leadership at Iowa Geocaching Organization.

  • Marlene Robins

    Thanks Crazy Canadian for looking after publishing our new Caches. Keep up the good work. We enjoy our hobby.
    Cheers from Sandy 31-11-19 and the Mrs.

  • Erik_Los

    To all the VOLUNTEERS a very big THANK YOU!

  • Khanman

    Big thank you to the reviewers in the Albury/Wodonga area ,Bunjil, i,riblit, inspicio and GeoAwareANZ

  • Penny Prame Appleton

    Thank you, volunteers!

  • Sheila Wiseman Wells

    Sending out a huge Thank You to all volunteers associated with Geocaching. I really enjoy being outside searching for them.

  • Lora Gilby Dawson

    Thank you, thank you to all volunteers. The reviews in my area are great, thanks for all you do!

  • pascale.de-ambrogi

    Thank you at all volunters. We have a lot of fun with the game.

  • MaaBo

    Thank y’all

  • Pelle-Käscher

    Thank you, volunteers! Vielen lieben Dank für Eure Freizeit, Eure Geduld, Eure Hilfe….
    Auch Euch weiterhin viel Spaß bei unserem Hobby.

  • Joanyo

    Hartelijk dank aan al de vrijwilligers om van Geocaching een succes te maken.

  • Fieldi

    Frogfoot1 en De Wildeman bedankt voor het vele werk en de gedrevenheid die jullie dagelijks aan de dag leggen 👍👍👍🐸🐸🐸


    Thank you for
    your heartfelt help and patience when you publish our geocaches where
    you disagree with us and there is always a solution without dispute You
    have clear guidelines that we do not all know or want to know. 😉

  • Burgerhoutjes

    Dikke pluim voor al die reviewers! En zeker voor onze vrienden Frogfoot1 en De Wildeman!

  • Patrick Bryan

    Enjoying the game for 10+ years, thanks to you guys! A big cheer for you!

  • Kim Bernbom

    Tak til de danske godkendere / Lego-mænd, som gør en kæmpeindsats for at holde vores leg i live.
    Også tak til de lokale oversættere, som bidrager til at vi har et dansk sproget site og apps med dansk sprog understøttet.

  • Beppe 66

    Thank you very much for all of you for your availability ….. from italy

  • Jutta Achrainer

    Vielen Dank an die vielen Volunteers und Reviewer die uns unser Hobby ermöglichen.

  • Loes Fortgens

    Dikke pluim voor alle volunteers over de hele wereld

  • Hippie Hacker

    Thanks to all of you who volunteer. I’ve seen the reviews in my area work hard to keep the game going, thanks for all you do!

  • Many thanks to all of the volunteer reviewers who took the time to help us out with our caches: tupperman, 2, fortwo, GeoPolizei, JeeperMTJ.gc, Don Rocbeer, GC-Knecht, erik88l-r, honeychile, offline.cacher, geoaware, geoawareCA, geoawareUSA1, geoawareUSA2, geoawareUSA3, geoawareUSA7, mtn-man, General Disarray, and West Texas Reviewer. (Whew, that’s a lot!)

  • XicuFotsopa

    Thanks to all people who give us the possibility to play this great game, specially the volunteer comunity of reviewers. Best regards from Catalonia.

  • José Fiúza

    I wouldn’t mind applying to be a GS lackey as a European Portuguese translator. Retired, with loads of free time. 🙂

    P.S.: Thanks for your work, Bitaro.

  • So many geocachers are giving back to the game every day. Please help us recognize them today, May 22, as we mark the first annual Thank A Volunteer Day! Here are five ways to participate:

  • Friskysparrow

    All volunteer thx. Also to all the CO’s who also spend a lot of time in making and supporting there caches. Without the CO’s and all the volunteers there would not be GEOCACHING!!
    All well done!

  • Erhan Ösüm

    I want to thank the volunteer “shuppiluliuma” in our country Turkey. 🇹🇷 Thank you for breaking this game with your discriminatory attitude, thank you for stopping people from Geocaching and leaving the game, thanks to you for making me love this game even your dictatorial management style 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ab5fcbb8c515c954a172538343eb3254bc0dffa7190495152cb530d97033402.jpg