Make it YOUR Profile and Dashboard

It’s been a little over a month since we released the first versions of the new Profile and Dashboard on Geocaching.com. We shared the reason we were making changes with you and that we want to do things differently.

Instead of releasing big changes every few months we want to be agile and update features quickly to get them ready for you to play with. We listen to your feedback so we can tweak and adjust pages until they are just right.

Based on your response, we know that you want your Profile and Dashboard to be more customizable. With our latest releases we’ve done just that.

Filter recent logs. You can now choose if you want to show only your activity, or your and your friends’ recent activity on the Dashboard.

Focus on what’s important. Like onions, geocaching has many layers. If you want to get to the core of what is important to you, you can now ‘peel’ back what you don’t need to see by collapsing sections on the Dashboard. Or expand them for an overview of everything that is happening in your geocaching world.

And coming soon: The About tab on your public profile will return to its former position as the default tab. It’s a place to share something about yourself and what you love about geocaching. Add content in the Bio field of your profile settings or head on over to Project-GC to get a custom stats for your profile.

With these options, you can truly make the Profile and Dashboard your own.

But we are not done improving. We’re just getting started and we’ll continue to adjust the Profile and Dashboard based on your feedback. On top of this we are excited to add another feature soon, that will help you to become even more connected with your geocaching friends. Stay tuned!

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