Geocaching Adventure Lab app FAQ

Updated on March 26, 2019

What is the Adventure Lab app?

The Geocaching Adventure Lab app is a new way for geocachers to find and log Lab Caches.

Lab Caches are an experimental geocache type often played at Mega-Events. These caches count towards your geocaching statistics and total finds. In contrast to other cache types, Lab Caches are not required to have a container and can also be located indoors. This allows Lab Cache owners to innovate and test new ideas to make geocaching even more fun!

We are soft launching the Adventure Lab app to the geocaching community, as we continue to experiment with new technologies for Adventures.

What advantages does the Adventure Lab app offer?

  • Media-rich storytelling — We are just getting started with this. Currently, the app allows creators to embed videos, imagery, and text for each location. We expect more opportunities in the future.
  • Public directory — View all publicly available Adventures. No need for a QR code or link, if it’s a public Adventure.
  • Location validation — Lab Caches can only be logged by finders within a distance determined by the creator. This is an often requested feature from creators who wish to limit cheating by people who do not actively visit the Adventure locations.
  • Linear gameplay — Adventure creators may choose for their Lab Caches to be played in a specific order, allowing for more creative storytelling.

Translations: The app supports localization in 29 languages.

What happened to the web player and GPX downloads?

As of March 26, 2019, the web player and GPX downloads have been retired. The Adventure Lab app gives Adventure creators the freedom to experiment with media-rich storytelling. It also allows for linear storytelling and requires finders to log at the physical location. These features are incompatible with the option to download and store location details in advance to a GPS device. We are still exploring ways to share coordinates using methods that do not detract from the creator’s desired experience and would respect location requirements and linear storytelling.

What is the new terminology?

  • The product colloquially known as Adventures or Labs is now Adventure Lab.
  • Individual Lab Caches are now Locations in an Adventure

Who is experimenting with Adventure Labs?

In 2019, Geocaching HQ extended the Adventure Lab experiment globally. A select number of geocaching organizations and 250 qualified geocachers received the chance to create Adventures. Each person who creates an Adventure must follow the Adventure Lab guidelines. These Adventures will remain active for at least six months, or potentially longer, for the community to enjoy.

Please note that we are selecting 250 participants as part of an initial test of the Adventure Lab platform. Going forward, our intent is to provide other opportunities for geocachers to experiment with unique cache types. So, if you are not selected this time, we plan to have other opportunities where you may be selected.

What should Adventure Lab creators/builders know?

Adventure creators have more options to build the Adventure experience. They can define the order in which the Adventure is played, allowing for more storytelling options and control of player movements through space.

Adventure creators can set their Adventure Lab to Public, Private, or Off.

  • Public means that the Adventure will be listed in the public directory and is accessible by everyone.
  • Private means that the Adventure will not be publicly listed, and can only be accessed by finders with a specific code.
  • Off means that the Adventure will not be listed in the public directory and cannot be accessed.

What is next for Adventure Lab?

This is still an experiment. Geocaching HQ is listening to feedback from creators and finders and will continue to update the app and builder with new technology and storytelling opportunities. Keep checking the Adventure app for new experiences in your area!

Martin works as a Community Volunteer Special Programs Manager at Geocaching HQ. If he is not out caching he is probably trying to teach new moves to his two cats.