Let’s talk some more about geocache quality

Earlier this year, we invited you to the beginning of a community conversation about geocache quality. Past projects such as the Geocache Health Score and introduction of Virtual Rewards were aimed at encouraging and rewarding high cache quality. Before considering new projects, we wanted to hear your feedback and ideas.

Hundreds of you responded to the invitation in our User Insights Forum, answering questions about what makes up a high or low quality geocache, and offering ideas for what the community and Geocaching HQ might do to improve geocache quality.

Now that we have compiled all of the feedback, we hope you’ll join us in the next phase of the conversation by completing this short survey. (The survey is also available in German and French.)

The survey is built directly from your feedback in the User Insights Forum. For example, in the forum threads, cachers shared ideas for how Geocaching HQ can improve cache quality. For this survey, we have listed the most mentioned ideas so you can say how helpful you think each of them would be to improving cache quality.

While we can’t guarantee implementation of every idea, your survey answers will help us to prioritize potential projects. The survey is open for three weeks, closing on December 28, 2018.

Once the survey period is complete and we’ve analyzed the results, we’ll report back to the community with potential next steps for the future. We’re excited about the possibilities and really appreciate your participation in this important project!

Hopelessly addicted cacher and Geocaching HQ's public relations manager.