Show your cache some love

Geocachers show their geocaching love in many ways. For some, it’s as simple as finding and hiding geocaches. Others with trackable stickers and geocaching swag. Some geocachers even show love to each other through geocaching. There have been a lucky few who have used geocaches to propose to their significant other!

With Valentine’s Day coming up in many countries, it’s time to think about how to show your love as geocache owner. Start with visiting your cache and follow our simple checklist to make sure geocachers can find and enjoy your cache for years to come!

Check if your geocache is there: There are many factors that can affect your geocache, from muggles to animals, make sure your geocache is still hidden in the intended location.

Inspect your container: Have the elements been hard on your cache container? If so, consider replacing it.

Review your hint: Does it still make sense? Sometimes weather or other forces change the geocache surroundings. Make sure you are still leading people in the right direction!

Assess the logbook: Check to see if your logbook is still in good condition and has plenty of space for future geocachers. No one likes a full wet logbook!

Check for trackables: If your geocache has trackables, do a quick inventory. Mark trackables as missing if they are listed in the inventory but no longer are in the cache.

If there is an issue with your cache that cannot be immediately fixed, please temporarily disable the cache listing, so that people do not search for it, and fix the issue as soon as possible. Although cache maintenance is the cache owner’s responsibility, courteous geocachers often help, which helps increase the quality of the game for all!

How do you show your geocaching love? Post your stories in the comments!