An open letter

An open letter to the muggles in my life,

You’ve seen what a geocaching addiction can become and what it entails. You’ve been patient, understanding, and kind about my excessive habits. You’ve showed up time and time again and never showed judgement. I’ll admit, my addiction for geocaching has gotten worse over time. It’s time I publicly thank you.

You make an excellent look out to spot nearby muggles. I know this makes you feel uncomfortable but your help has been invaluable.

Thank you for not rolling your eyes every time I take a detour to find a cache. Even when that detour ends up being an hour outside of our way and ends with a DNF!

Thank you for all the times you’ve helped me search for a geocache. You’ve made countless accidental finds that I would have never spotted without you!

Thank you for faking interest in my trackables. I know my “collection” of coins and tags is less than impressive to you.

Thank you for not getting mad when I have to leave mid conversation to have a chance at an FTF. You understand that it’s worth all of the glory.

Thank you for coming with me to geocaching events. I know it brings you relief to know that I am not the only one like this.

Thank you for letting me plan my vacations or trips around geocaching. We would have never seen that view if we didn’t detour for an hour and then hike for 5 miles!

Thank you for all the support to achieve my geocaching goals. Completing my Fizzy Grid multiple times may look crazy to some, but you understand that there shouldn’t be limitations to my goals!

Thank you for not asking me what a Pocket Query is.

Thank you for understanding that TOTTs come in many different forms (and price points). My kayak, ladder, and UV light have come in handy more than once.

A hopelessly addicted geocacher