How to tell if you are addicted to geocaching

If you are like us, you may have found yourself questioning if this “hobby” of yours is really more than what you are admitting, a geocaching addiction. Maybe you dream about FTFs or see household goods as future TOTT. Trust us, we’re not judging. We’ve put together a list of 15 signs to confirm if your geocaching addiction is real.

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Do you remember?

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with geocaching? Or the time you found your first geocache? For many, those memories still inspire a passion for geocaching and the world around us.

Earlier this year, we asked geocachers to share their memories from the past 20 years of geocaching and their vision for the next 20. We loved reading all of the inspiring comments. At Geocaching HQ, we hope everyone has at least one memorable geocaching experience that they can cherish. After all, it’s these life-changing memories that will inspire the next generation of adventure seekers! Below, several lackeys (employees of Geocaching HQ) share their favorite geocaching memories. 

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It’s always trackable season

Geocaching trackables add another level of fun to the game! Regardless of the season, trackables are always a good idea. Trackables are geocaching game pieces owned by geocachers. Each trackable is etched with a unique tracking code and given a goal by its owner. The goal may be to travel to another country or to visit as many beaches as possible, the sky’s the limit, (literally)! 

You can retrieve them, discover them, and even collect them! Trackables are placed in caches to be picked up by other geocachers, who help move them to their goals, but trackables are also popular at Events. If you find a trackable in a geocache, make it your mission to move the trackable along its way!

If you’re new to trackables or need a refresher, here is a guide to key trackable terms so that you know what to do the next time you come across a trackable in a cache. Please note that we understand the “next time” may be a while given the current state of the world. As always, please follow the guidelines from your regional health officials!

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