How to choose the best caches for kids

Now that you have learned how to get your kids outside with geocaching, make sure the caches you find are fun for them. Putting in time to plan your outing is a worthwhile investment in future family outings. Here are five tips on how you can select the best caches to make your kids’ caching trip a success!

Choose easy geocaches

Unless your child is a monkey (in that case go for a T5) or the next Einstein (only D5 caches may suffice), go for geocaches with a low difficulty and terrain rating. You want them to be able to find and grab the cache themselves. That unique feeling of discovery will keep your little explorers coming back for more.

Bigger often is better

For kids, one of the biggest motivators is the possibility of finding real geocaching treasure (SWAG): a bouncy ball? A small plastic animal? A shiny sticker? Yes, yes, and yes. The bigger the cache the more likely you’ll find toys and trinkets for your little geocachers to enjoy. So go for at least medium or large caches. And of course – don’t forget to raid your kids’ overflowing toy chest before heading out to ensure you bring something of equal or higher value to trade.

Make sure it’s there

Nothing will make geocaching seem less fun than an endless and ultimately fruitless search. There isn’t a guarantee the cache will be at the hiding location, but you can make sure it likely is. Check the latest activity on the caches you’re venturing out to find. If the cache hasn’t been found for a good while or there are a few recent DNF logs (Did not find), take that one off your List.

Search by your favorite kids characters

If you are a Premium member, make use of the web search keyword filter. Enter the name of your childrens’ favorite TV show or story book character, and see if there are any themed caches around. Fun fact: there are currently over a hundred Mickey Mouse themed geocaches to find worldwide.

Create a Pocket query with kid-friendly attributes

Another option for Premium members is to create a Pocket query and select the attribute called Recommended for kids. Depending how old your progeny are the attribute Stroller accessible can come in handy. A third attribute to look for is Night cache. If nothing else works, pushing out bedtime for an exciting night caching adventure might be just the thing to get your offspring leaving the house.

Did you find caches your kids especially loved? Share your best finds in the comments!

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