SWAG to leave in geocaches

Have you ever found a geocache after a long search only to open it and find less than ideal SWAG (Stuff We All Get)? We’ve all been there. While some caches host trackables or unique SWAG items, some geocaches aren’t so lucky. The etiquette around geocaching SWAG is simple. If you take something, leave something behind of equal or greater value. 

We’ve compiled a list of items to take with you while geocaching and are sure to delight future geocachers. Here are the top four items to leave behind! 

1. Keychains: Keychains are a simple and cheap way to leave behind a fun and functional item! Find keychains that are unique to you, whether it’s something you like or a place you’ve been! 

2. Small toys: While small toys may not be exciting to some adults, many children get a sense of joy and adventure when they stumble upon a geocaching treasure! Examples include small car toys, finger puppets, toy soldiers, or animal figurines. Make sure the toys are waterproof and can withstand your local weather!

3. Trackables: Although technically not SWAG, trackables are traveling game pieces that geocachers send out into the world via a geocache or at an event, often with a goal or mission. Some of these goals could be specific, like visiting every state in the US, or they may just want aimlessly travel from cache to cache. Trackables let you experience an epic journey, one story and one geocache at a time! 

4. Custom items: Custom SWAG is a fun way to leave some of your personality in a geocache! Custom SWAG could be something you create from your local craft store, a trading stone, wooden nickels, lapel pins, and the list goes on!

For SWAG and trackable ideas visit Shop Geocaching! What’s the best SWAG or trackables you’ve ever encountered in a geocache?