GIFF 2019 in review and upcoming intermission

Screens have faded to black, curtains have been closed, and film projectors have cooled down. As the smell of popcorn lingers now only as a memory, GIFF 2019 has officially concluded.

This past November, over 17,000 geocachers attended Geocaching International Film Festival events. They celebrated the 16 GIFF Finalist films from movie theater chairs, living-room couches, and select outdoor locations across the world. Overall, it was another great reminder of what we love about geocaching and how diverse it can be.

Over 11 days, geocachers logged over 18,000 Attended-logs on registered GIFF Events. Clearly, some cachers attended multiple GIFF Events for that extra bit of GIFF-erent fun with movies and the GIFF gnomes.

Here are some more GIFF 2019 numbers:

  • First time with two GIFF weekends (November 7 to 17, 2019)
  • 54 film submission from 22 different countries
  • 16 finalist clips from 10 different countries
  • Five of the 2019 finalists had been GIFF finalists before
  • 688 total Events in 56 different countries
  • First ever draw for the Signal Award
  • 11,000+ votes for the People’s Choice Award

With GIFF 2019 behind us, we wanted to talk about the future of GIFF – “after GIFF is before GIFF,” as they say.

With all the exciting things that are ahead in 2020, GIFF will take a brief ‘intermission’ until the credits roll on the festivities.  GIFF as a whole is fueled by amazing community members, and we are excited to see the films made once GIFF resumes.

GIFF has been a unique, creative, and fun part of the geocaching calendar for the past seven years. Thanks to the geocaching community, a small amateur film festival was able to grow into a global phenomenon with dozens of film submissions, hundreds of Events, and thousands of attendees year after year. We truly appreciate your support over the years.

The GIFF gnomes still have a lot in store for future festivals. Stay tuned for when it is time for something a little GIFF-erent again!

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