12 ways to stay connected with geocaching

Many of you have asked how to approach being active during these challenging times. As part of our commitment to serving you, we’re doing our best to respond and help

First and foremost, please follow the guidelines from your regional health officials. Regardless of your current situation, we only have to look at Geocaching HQ’s values and core beliefs to discover how we can still stay active in the game.

Inspire and enable adventure, exploration, and community

We have said it (many times) before – this game is truly special because of the geocaching community and friendships among geocachers all over the world. So while we navigate this new reality, let’s work to keep this community strong and help each other stay inspired. Here are four ways to stay connected and inspired:

  1. Be inspired by a wonderful video created by the Italian geocaching community.
  2. Use Geocaching’s Message Center to stay in touch with your geocaching friends.
  3. Connect online with your local geocaching group to share support and inspiration.
  4. “Hang out” with geocaching friends using one of many free online options, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

Make everyone an explorer, and have an adventure at every location

When we say “every location,” we mean it, even at home. There’s still plenty of geocaching to be done when remaining indoors! From puzzle solving to planning, here are four ideas to explore geocaching at home.

  1. Work on solving those challenging puzzle caches you’ve had your eye on.
  2. Dreaming of a future cache outing? Create a List so you’re ready to go when the time comes!
  3. With the seasons changing, consider using this time to get crafty and up-level your geocache or plan future maintenance trips.
  4. Learn about Geocaching API partners which provide additional features to accompany your adventures.

Enable story worthy moments

That “wow” factor doesn’t have to leave just because we’re not out in the field! Think back on some of your recent or memorable geocaching experiences and share them in your logs, or if you’re a cache owner, make sure your hide is ready to provide a fun find moment with these four suggestions:

  1. Remember those drafts you started in the field? Now is the perfect time to log them! Don’t forget to add photos from your adventure!
  2. It’s time to do some Spring cleaning in the northern hemisphere (and Autumn organization in the southern) so tidy up your trackable collection.
  3. Share the love and award Favorite points to all those geocaches you’ve been meaning to!
  4. Does your cache page need some digital maintenance? Perhaps the description needs to be updated or you could add a cache owner photo. Use this time to make sure your geocache is ready to enable story worthy moments.

Our ways of life are changing every day and we are working hard to respond and adapt in the best interests of the geocaching community. We’re in this together!