How to tell if you are addicted to geocaching

If you are like us, you may have found yourself questioning if this “hobby” of yours is really more than what you are admitting, a geocaching addiction. Maybe you dream about FTFs or see household goods as future TOTT. Trust us, we’re not judging. We’ve put together a list of 15 signs to confirm if your geocaching addiction is real.

  1. You plan all your vacations around geocaching. 
  2. You see untraditional containers and think they would make a great geocache.
  3. You have more than 100 trackables in your collection.
  4. You have multiple geocaching Lists and set as your homepage. 
  5. You spend your free time solving puzzles.
  6. You own multiple tools of the trade, some which include non traditional items like a kayak, ladder, rope, etc.
  7. You can read ROT13 and see the hint without using the decryption key.
  8. You have a dedicated bag for all of your geocaching supplies ready to go so you can find  a cache on a moment’s notice.
  9. You have a personalized stamp for logbooks.
  10. You own a GPS (or even multiple).
  11. All your family and friends know about your “hobby”.
  12. You’ve made a significant detour just to find another geocache.
  13. You have alerts set up for FTF and you have a friendly competition with the other local cachers in your area about who can find it first. 
  14. You walk past places or landmarks and your first thoughts are, “This would be a great place for a geocache.”
  15. You start introducing yourself by your geocaching username.

Is there a fine line between geocaching as a hobby and geocaching as an addiction? You tell us! Share what other signs show a true dedication to the game in the comments below!