Just add geocaching

‘Mix and Match’ is the name of the game here! With so many activities at your fingertips, you don’t need to choose just one. Geocaching compliments many hobbies. Add geocaching to your other activities for a fun combination you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Of course, during this time we also encourage all geocachers to please follow the guidelines from your regional health officials. We understand these activities may have to wait for now, but we hope these ideas inspire your planning for the future.

Going biking? Just add geocaching!
Lackey Cindy (Frau Potter) commenced on a cycling and geocaching adventure through Slovenia. Over her two week journey, she biked 200 kilometers!

Going walking? Just add geocaching!
It may seem obvious but it’s easy to add geocaching into our daily routines, such as commuting to work or walking to the post office! For one geocacher, incorporating geocaching with walking her dog helped her reach her wellness goals.

Going rock climbing? Just add geocaching!
Lackey Annie (Love) shared her experience of finding a Terrain 5 geocache. Known as a Klettersteig cache (also known as Via Ferrata), reaching this geocache would require special equipment!

Going paddling? Just add geocaching!
Lackey Chris (Rock Chalk) dipped his toe into water caching by tagging along on a lake outing with a friend who owned an extra kayak. Next time you head out canoe or kayaking, check for nearby geocaches with the “Boat required” attribute!

Planning a future vacation? Just add geocaching!
Let your love of geocaching guide you to your next vacation destination. Geocaching destinations can be anywhere, from a new part of the world to a new part of your town. Geocaching helps you explore unique destinations in a new way!

The options are endless! We suggest making a List of geocaches to pair with your activities. Lists are a Premium member feature available in the Geocaching® app and on Geocaching.com. Whether you’re planning a hike with friends or your dream vacation, Lists help keep your geocaching life organized. How do you integrate geocaching into your lifestyle? Tell us in the comments.