Five tips for planning your next vacation with geocaching

Geocachers love showing off their locations—that’s why geocaching is one of the best ways to discover new places! The next time you’re on a trip, planning a trip, or daydreaming of a trip, try using one of these 5 tips to explore a destination through geocaching:

1.) GeoTours
GeoTours are groups of geocaches that are curated by organizations and Geocaching HQ. They’ll guide you through some of the best local spots, teach you about the area’s history, and of course, increase your find count! All members have access to GeoTour caches of all cache types and Difficulty/Terrain ratings. Some GeoTours also have a cool prize once you fill out the passport!

You can easily find GeoTours through the GeoTour directory in the Search section of the Geocaching® app. The directory includes details on every active GeoTour and can be sorted by distance from you!

Fun fact: the feature photo in this post is from GeoTour Azores in Portugal!

2.) Offline maps
Headed somewhere that doesn’t have cell signal? Geocaching Premium members can create downloadable lists of geocaches for offline use.

3.) Multi-Caches
These multi-stage geocaches are often perfect methods for getting a short tour of a city. Multi-Caches involve two or more locations, with the final location being a physical container with a logbook inside.

4.) Sort by Favorite Points
Geocaching Premium members can find the best geocaches in an area by using the search and sort tools. Just search for geocaches in an area, then click on the “Favorites” column.

5.) Meet the locals
Who better to show you local flavor than the geocachers who live there? Creating or attending an event in your destination is a perfect way to meet local geocachers. Use the geocache search to find events in your vacation destination.

Looking for something closer to home? Good news: There are over 63 GeoTours around the world, and each comes with its own story-worthy locations you’ll want to write home about. Learn more about GeoTours on the Geocaching Blog.

What are your favorite tips for geocaching while on vacation?