Turn your recyclables into a geocache—Halloween edition

As Halloween creeps closer, so do the creepy geocaches. Well not literally, we hope! If you’ve gotten caught in geocaching’s web, here are five ways to turn everyday recycled items into spooky caches that are sure to delight…or fright! Would you consider these geocaches a trick or treat?

1. Old book
Transform a book you no longer read into a hollow book cache full of secrets and spells…or at least a smiley for those who find it!

Photo by berresfamily.

2. Coffee tin
Most of the time you want your geocache to blend into its surroundings but in this case, standing out (or should we say floating?) might just earn you a Favorite point!

Photo by Chicken Scratch NY.

3. Vitamin bottles
Create a spooky apothecary scene full of tinctures and potions. Leave a clue in the geocache description as to which elixir will earn cachers another smiley! Want to make your own? Here’s how!

  1. Wash and dry an empty vitamin bottle with the label removed and the exterior slightly roughed with sandpaper.
  2. With a glue gun, write the name of your potion and any designs you’d like on the bottle. Let the glue dry completely. Tip: you can use a pencil to outline what you want to say or draw and then follow the template with the glue gun.
  3. Using chalk paint in a color of your choosing, paint the entire exterior of the bottle, including the cap, and be sure to cover the glue, too. Let the paint dry. Hint: use a sponge brush to add more dimension to the paint, making it darker in some places.
  4. Once dry, you can add any extras such as camouflaging the cap with fake bark or stone.
  5. The final step is to add a waterproof logbook and pen and find the perfect spot to hide your spooky geocache!
Photo by Magia Mia.

4. An empty mints tin
An empty tin of mints, a little paint, some glued on leather shoelaces, and some paint, and you’ve got yourself a frighteningly cute geocache. Don’t forget to add the logbook!

Photo by Dave Lowe.

5. Empty prescription tubes
This one is definitely a trick more than a treat! Make a cache with a combination of a recycled waterproof container, vitamin bottles, and pill tubes for the ultimate in trickery. Have you ever found a geocache like this?

Photo by eat.sleep.cache.repeat.

Talk about an upcycle! What other creative materials have you used to create fun geocache containers? Share in the comments!