Interview with freeda_reist

As this year draws to a close, we’re looking back on the past year and all that happened in the wonderful world of geocaching. Last December, we shared an interview with the geocaching couple behind the blog and Instagram profile freeda_reist. We checked in on them again to talk about their geocaching adventures of 2020 and their plans for 2021. Although this was a challenging year, Nadine and Rikkert still made the most of it.

In your last interview with Geocaching HQ, you shared your plans and goals for geocaching in 2020. Needless to say, this year hasn’t gone as planned for most people. How did your geocaching plans change in 2020? Did any new ones take their place?

This year couldn’t have been more chaotic! Barely anything went the way we planned it. Travelling in a camping car means that most of the time we are dependent on restrooms at formal campsites, but hardly any have opened up, so we couldn’t travel a lot this year. And if that wasn’t enough, our beloved van, freeda, broke down and her successor, freedolin, has only been with us for a few days now.

But of course, we kept craving adventure. We were able to travel a little bit because of our collaboration with the German Geocaching Magazine. We combined these trips of research with a visit to our families in Southern Germany, and visited magical locations there like the “Burg Eltz”.

In our last interview we mentioned our “Geospräche Podcast”, where we interview German cachers and cache owners to get to know them and to understand why they do what they do. But unfortunately, we could only publish a few episodes so far because we haven’t been able to visit our guests. Because we hold ourselves to high standards for our sound quality, we want to meet every guest in person and record the whole interview with our own equipment. That’s the only way to guarantee the sound quality we take for granted in other podcasts. Even so, we already have new plans for bringing the “Geospräche Podcast” back to life!

What new things did you learn this year related to geocaching and microcamping?

This year we’ve learned that we have just the right hobbies! Microcamping and geocaching offer us adventures that we can experience even when the whole world is standing still. Of course, we pay more attention to the safety rules like washing our hands regularly or wearing masks while meeting people on the streets. We are also looking even more closely now to see if a location is crowded and if so, we prefer to visit these places very early in the morning to avoid other tourists or geocachers.

What are your geocaching goals for the coming year?

As part of our blog and the articles we’re writing for the Geocaching Magazine, we’re always looking for landscapes and geocaches that amaze us, so we have many places to visit on our bucket list and we’re planning to see them in 2021. We’re keeping the details about the special places a secret of course, but we promise that you will find amazing spots on our blog and Instagram next year.

If it is possible to travel safely next year, we want to catch up on the journeys we missed this year and travel to our favourite city in Spain, Barcelona, where a lot of geocaches are waiting for us.

As you know, we have two souvenir opportunities coming up soon, one for the
last souvenir of 2020 and one for the first souvenir of 2021. Do you have any plans for earning these two souvenirs?

If 2020 had been a “normal” year, our plans for December would be already made. We would be spending a lot of time with our families and at Events, because especially during Christmas time, there are many awesome Events near us. For example, the “Brocken-Frühstück” where we climbed up the highest mountain of Lower Saxony last year, starting the climb at 4 am with our cacher-buddies by our sides. Another great Event near us is the  “Lange Nacht der Berliner” which means something like “long night of donuts”. To take part in that event we had to stand in a queue while we were meeting a lot of other cachers and we were all rewarded with fresh and delicious pastries. It sounds like a simple Event, but it’s yummy and definitely worth it!

This year we aren’t making any plans for the holidays, because no one can predict how the situation with the virus will look. But one thing is for sure: The souvenirs will be ours!

Of all the geocaches that you found this year, which was your favorite?

We had one geocaching experience this year which made us speechless. By accident we found that there was a brand-new Multi-Cache near us, W.Iliams Werkstatt (GC8Q2DK).  We visited it the very next weekend and were very surprised by the cache! The demanding, but doable cache is definitely in our personal top ten caches in Germany now. It’s a hard cache to forget because not only can you take some amazing pictures there, you can also build your own little souvenir!

Genevieve is a Community Coordinator at Geocaching HQ.