Everything’s bigger in Texas—especially geocaching: an interview with Bigguy In Texas

Geocacher Bigguy In Texas may not be exactly who you expect when you hear her username. For one thing, she’s not a guy! Her username certainly reflects her big presence in the Texas geocaching community, though. With over 1,500 geocaches hidden and 133 Events hosted, Texas geocachers know her well.

Since 2022 is the Year of the Hide, we got in touch with Bigguy In Texas to discuss all things geocaching. Read on to learn how she got her username, her experience with the game, and advice for new cache hiders:

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Geocaching reflections from South Korea – An interview with wonkoo1

In our latest cache hider interview, we spoke to wonkoo1 from South Korea. Geocaching since 2014, wonkoo1 is a prolific cache owner with more than 470 total caches hidden! His hides crisscross the nation and allow players to tour much of South Korea simply by finding his caches.

Read on to learn more about wonkoo1’s geocaching origin story, tips and tricks, and some of his favorite geocaches!

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Cache hider tips and tricks—interview with elales

Elales is an experienced geocacher from Kraków, Poland. If you’ve spent time in the Kraków area, you may have found one of the 75 caches she’s hidden or attended one of the Events she’s hosted. She’s known for her unique hiding style and intriguing hiding locations, like Massolit and MNK – Kamienica Szołayskich [PL/EN].

Learn about this prolific cacher, including her geocaching origin story, some of her favorite caches, cache maintenance tips, and more:

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Creating connections and building community—interview with Marcellus Cadd

We first featured Marcellus Cadd (atreides_78723) in 2020 for his blog Geocaching While Black and his involvement in the geocaching community. We were inspired by his commitment to improve geocaching and his passion for the game. Since the last time we spoke, a lot has happened with Marcellus—more caches, more blogs, and even a featured article from NPR that highlighted him and his message. We wanted to check-in with him on this and more!

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