A Recap: Interviews with cache owners in 2019

In 2019, we interviewed several creative cache owners to learn their secrets, seek their advice, and take a peek at their most beloved caches. We saw spy-like briefcases, intricate electrical wiring, 3D printed puzzle caches, a new take on CITO, and some of the most Favorited caches in the world. We’ve compiled them all with links to the original interviews for your viewing pleasure.

Who knows, there might be one near you!

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Caching Near and Far: An Interview with Neil Torrens

Neil Torrens (AMAZO) found his first cache in June 2010 on the southern coast of Scotland. He stumbled across the Geocaching® mobile app while browsing on his new smartphone and downloaded it on a whim. The next day he and his friend and now wife searched tirelessly up and down dunes, with the sea crashing into the rocks below them. Just when they were about to give up, their geo-senses led them to a suspicious boulder. What they found behind it would turn their lives into an unending adventure, and inspire Neil to travel halfway around the world.

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Die jungen Wilden – Interview mit dem cachenden Blogger-Paar freeda_reist

Das 20. Jubiläum von Geocaching nähert sich mit großen Schritten und seit am 3. Mai 2000 in Oregon (USA) der erste Cache versteckt wurde, begeistert die GPS-Schatzsuche Millionen von Hobby-Abenteurern weltweit. Das Fantastische an der cachenden Community ist nicht nur, dass sie mittlerweile den ganzen Globus umspannt, sondern auch, dass sämtliche Generationen vertreten sind. Das Hochgefühl, das man bekommt, wenn man an einen unbekannten Ort geführt wird und dann den Geocache (unter deutschsprachigen Cachern auch als „die Dose“ bekannt) plötzlich ausfindig macht, kennt einfach keine Altersgrenze.

Heute wollen wir ein junges Cacher-Paar vorstellen, das dieses Outdoor-Hobby für sich entdeckt hat und das Erlebte unter dem Namen freeda reist in einem Blog, auf Instagram und anderen Online-Kanälen mit seinen Followern teilt. freeda reist verbinden Microcamping und Geocaching, um anderen jungen Menschen zu zeigen, wie viel es da draußen zu entdecken und zu erleben gibt.

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Chalking The Horse: It’s the Neigh-borly Thing to Do — Interview With CITO Host The Wombles

Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) is an environmental initiative supported by the geocaching community. Since 2002, CITO helps preserve the natural beauty of cache-friendly spaces. In that time, more than 363,000 people have volunteered at 18,000 events.

Lots of cachers think of CITO as a chance to pick up trash—which it definitely is. But the events are not limited to this—it’s also a chance to preserve the integrity of cache-friendly places in other outside-of-the-box ways!

The Wombles is a British geocacher who has taken improving mother earth to a whole new level. He hosts regular CITOs, among them a recurring crowd favorite—Wombling free – Chalking the Horse—meaning that, if you’re in the UK, you can attend!

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From flying planes to finding caches — Interview with cache owner Cliptwings

For cache owner ‘Cliptwings’ geocaching isn’t just a hobby, it’s a new opportunity to realize that even if he can’t fly anymore, the wings of passion prevent him from being cooped up. A former Airforce and commercial airline pilot turned creative gadget cache engineer. Travelling the world on planes Cliptwings says there wasn’t a place that didn’t have a cache nearby. 

First introduced to the game by his wife, Princess Pooh Pooh, who thought of him when a geocacher explained the game to her. They went out to find a cache in a park and got hooked. To him, it felt powerful to have GPS technology in his hand because airlines still used ground-based navigation at the time. 

Since then Cliptwings has hidden a number of amazing caches that take some time and creative juice to create. 

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