Music, geocaching, and unexpected friendships—Interview with Bugsy Travels & The Ammo Boxes

Bugsy Travels & The Ammo Boxes is a cover band that takes well-known pop songs and re-writes the lyrics with a geocaching twist. It all started with playing together just for fun one evening and turned into a band that delights geocachers with fun, relatable lyrics. We spoke with them to find out what it’s like to create and perform music about geocaching adventures.

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The Ultimate Treasure Hunt—Video interview with @kelsandjay and @numberjuanbus

Will and Kristin (Number Juan Bus) and Kelsey and Jay (Kels And Jay) converted buses into their homes and now travel around the United States making some amazing content on their social media channels. 

They created a geocaching competition they posted on YouTube with their friends @wilderthevan and @nomadic_alfo. We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to learn more about it.

Check out the interview Andrew and Emily from the Community Engagement team did with them to hear all the behind-the-scenes scoop on this epic geocaching competition!

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Interview with freeda_reist

As this year draws to a close, we’re looking back on the past year and all that happened in the wonderful world of geocaching. Last December, we shared an interview with the geocaching couple behind the blog and Instagram profile freeda_reist. We checked in on them again to talk about their geocaching adventures of 2020 and their plans for 2021. Although this was a challenging year, Nadine and Rikkert still made the most of it.

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Adventures in geocaching and writing—interview with Marcellus Cadd of Geocaching While Black

Marcellus Cadd (atreides_78723) writes the blog Geocaching While Black. What started with finding a local cache turned into a passion for finding hidden treasures and writing about the experience of it all. We spoke to Marcellus about his geocaching adventures, what geocaching means to him, and what he hopes readers take away from his blog.

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