Three things to do outdoors this week

Outdoor activities are always near the top of our list of favorite things to do. One of the best ways to recharge from the day is by spending time outside. After all, doctors list happiness, better sleep, and improved mental state as benefits of being outdoors! Not sure where to begin? Here are three things to do outdoors this week.

Remember to follow the guidance of your local health officials when participating in outdoor activities to help keep everyone safe!

1. Get one step closer to filling your D/T grid
Use the new searchable D/T grid on and find a geocache to fill an empty square. You can also use the individual search by clicking on the exact combination you’d like to find on the grid, or the main search button below the grid. No matter if you’re working to fill your grid for the first time or you’ve already filled it several times, finding a geocache is always a good idea! Please note: The D/T grid is part of Statistics, a Premium member feature.

2. Find a place to place a geocache
It’s officially summer in the southern hemisphere which means geocaching is in full swing. Enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather by scouting locations where you could place an awesome geocache! Use the Hide a Cache planning map to see where available spots may be, then go scope them out in person.

3. Trail and geocache maintenance
Just like “Leave no trace” and “Take only photos, leave only footprints,” Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) should always be practiced on the trails. Whether you are geocaching or hiking, always be prepared to leave it better than you found it. Speaking of better, if you’re a cache owner, consider visiting your hide to make sure it is ready for the season ahead. Whether you need to winterize your cache or add an extra logbook for the summer season, now is a great time to make sure geocachers have a better experience!

Which of these do you plan to do this week? Share in the comments!

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