It’s time for GIFF 2021!

Things are starting to feel just a little bit GIFFerent… it must be time for the 2021 Geocaching International Film Festival! This year, there are two ways to join in the GIFF fun.

  1. Online: The GIFF reel, featuring 17 finalist films, will be made available on the Geocaching YouTube Channel on November 22, 2021 at 6:00 pm UTC.
  2. In person: If it is safe to attend an event in your area, you can attend an official GIFF event to see the films. GIFF Events will take place between November 11-21, 2021. See a list of GIFF 2021 events here.

Whether you watch the GIFF reel online or in person, you can earn the GIFF 2021 souvenir by discovering a special trackable code at the end of the GIFF film reel. You can also vote on the People’s Choice Award winner using a link from the GIFF reel on YouTube or from an announcement posted to all GIFF Event cache pages.

Want some fun GIFF merchandise? It’s not too late to get yours! Visit Shop Geocaching or International Retailers.

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