Signal moves to a new labyrinth on August 1

Signal continues his journey through the mysterious land of labyrinths. The way out of the swamp is finally in sight, but the path leads to a mysterious cave. When Signal looks closely at the cave entrance, he can just make out two bright eyes belonging to a troll that calls the cave home. Signal needs your help to get past the troll and continue his quest! Geocachers have until August 1 at noon UTC to escape the swamp before our trek through the cave begins.

The troll who lives in the cave is a fearsome fellow, but he melts into a smile whenever he sees his favorite things, gems and jewels.

Gemstones, like the one in the image below, are the special bonus item for the labyrinth in the cave.

Every time you log a geocache, you will have a chance of finding one. If you go geocaching with a group of people, there’s a chance that one member of the group might find an item at a cache, but others don’t. These items award bonus leaderboard points that add on to the points you earn for logging the geocache. If you log your finds in the app and you find a gemstone, there will be a banner message to let you know you found one. On the website, there is a counter for these special bonus items that you can see on the page for Signal’s Labyrinth. The counter displays the item and shows how many you have found.

You must collect 50 points to earn the first souvenir for the labyrinth in the cave and 500 points to earn the second souvenir and get Signal out of the labyrinth.

Each labyrinth in Signal’s Labyrinth has different point values for finding geocaches, Adventures, and bonus items. In honor of the geological wonders of the Troll’s Cave, we’ve added finding EarthCaches as an action that can earn points for this labyrinth. Here are the point values for the labyrinth in the cave:

Found an Adventure Lab Cache (Adventure Location) 10
Found a cache with 10+ Favorite points 30
Attended any Event 30
Found an EarthCache 30
Found a Multi-Cache 20
Found a Mystery Cache 20
Found a Signal’s Labyrinth item 50
Found it* 15

*Log a Found it on any other cache type

The maximum number of points you can earn for any cache log is 80 points.

Read our Signal’s Labyrinth announcement blog post for FAQs and more information about the souvenir challenge.

Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.