Two Locationless Caches end with 2022

As the year 2022 nears an end, we would like to extend a reminder that time is running out to log two HQ-owned Locationless Caches: GC8FR0G and GC8NEAT.

We launched Find Signal the Frog® – Locationless in 2020 (GC8FR0G) in late 2019 with an eye toward celebrating geocaching’s 20th anniversary in 2020. Little did we know the celebration would extend for two additional years! The cache has been logged more than 21,300 times, with players sharing more than 25,000 photos of themselves or a personal item next to the Signal the Frog® life-sized mascot or the official 20th anniversary Signal the Frog® banner.

Let’s improve the outdoors – Locationless Cache (GC8NEAT) debuted in early 2021, encouraging cachers to contribute to environmental improvement and protection efforts. The cache page has seen more than 33,500 Found it logs and more than 50,000 photos. It is fantastic how the worldwide geocaching community has positively impacted their environment through GC8NEAT!

Both of these Locationless Caches will be archived and locked on January 1, 2023. If you have met the logging criteria for one or both of them, be sure to log before they are locked!

Once those caches are gone, you can still enjoy Discovered while geocaching – Locationless Cache (GC9FAVE), which is available to log until December 31, 2023. This third Locationless Cache from Geocaching HQ offers an opportunity for you to revisit and share a favorite local place that you discovered while geocaching!

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