Geocaching personality quizzes — a year in review

What a year it’s been, geocachers! 2022 was full of new hides, big celebrations, and exciting wins for the geocaching community. Even with so many months of jam-packed geocaching goodness, we still found time for some introspection.

We’re looking back at five personality quizzes from 2022 that helped determine your true geocaching personality.

You may have already taken one of these tests to discover what type of geocacher you are. Did you find yourself labeled as a birdhouse in our geocache container quiz? What about your geocaching zodiac sign—were you soooo not a Capricoordinates?

If you missed these quizzes, worry not! Now’s your chance to look back and find your true geocaching personality. Took the test but didn’t feel a connection with your result? Feel free to retake the quiz to see if your outcome has changed!

Check out the quizzes and let us know your results below:

  1. What Geocaching Attribute Are You?

    Are you a fan of geocaching attributes? If you’re the type of person that relates to the Difficult Climb attribute or feels personally called out by the Food Nearby attribute, this is the quiz for you!

  2. What Type of Geocache Are You?

    So many different cache types—who wouldn’t want to know whether they were more like a rare Virtual Cache or an extreme Multi-Cache adventure? Whether you’re new to geocaching or a seasoned expert, this quiz has something for everyone.

  3. What Geocaching Zodiac Sign Are You?

    Whether you’re a die-hard astrologist or just check your horoscope for fun, everyone seems to know their zodiac sign. What about your geocaching zodiac sign? You may not have heard of Signaltarius or Tracklibra before, but your personality is sure to line up with one of these signs (it’s in the stars!).

  4. What Geocache Container Are You?

    A chewed-up piece of gum? That could be you!

    We feel that each geocache container has a distinct personality, so of course we had to make a quiz about it! Find out which container best fits you with this fun quiz. We can barely “contain” ourselves!

  5. Which Tracker Are You?

    Tracker the Geo-Pup has taken the geocaching community by storm! Get to know Signal’s best friend with this “paw-sitiviely” adorable quiz featuring some of Tracker’s distinct personality traits.

Nikki is a Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. Her specialties include making cheesy puns, talking endlessly about coffee, and being the only Californian who enjoys rain. She is passionate about geocaching and loves that it brings communities together.