Express your creativity with geocaching

Geocaching is often categorized as an outdoor activity, and while this is an accurate categorization, it highlights only one aspect of the game. For many cachers, geocaching is also a creative pursuit. From crafting geocache containers, to hosting themed Events, to crafting narratives for Multi-Caches, geocaching is a great outlet for your creativity, as well as a fun outdoor activity. Read on for advice on how to use geocaching to express your creativity.

Create a cache container and a work of art
Place a new geocache and let its container be a canvas for your creativity. Channel your inner artist and paint cool camouflage or an eye-catching scene on the exterior of your new geocache container. The possibilities are endless. For inspiration, check out the gallery images of Fairy land (GC9N1E0), which features painted rocks, a curated collection of figurines, and a small fairy house with a staircase built out of shards of old terra cotta flower pots.

Host a themed Event
Any geocaching Event is a good time, but if you’re looking to flex your creativity, add a theme for your Event and see how you can incorporate it into your gathering. A great inspiration for Event themes can be holidays, both well known and obscure. For example, the 2018 Event, Paranormal Day (GC7MPZ3), took place on National Paranormal Day. Event host Prying Pandora got creative with a sense of humor and brought supplies to make tin foil hats “to protect our minds from being controlled by extraterrestrial beings.” After making their hats, Event attendees had the option of participating in a tin hat fashion show.

Tell a story
Let your imagination roam free and create a geocache that tells a story of your own creation. Place your geocache in a location that serves as the story’s setting and tell the geocache’s tale in the cache description, or create a Mystery Cache, Multi-Cache, or Wherigo and set up the clues and puzzles at each stage as different episodes in your story.

What’s your favorite way of getting creative with geocaching? Share in the comments below!

Genevieve is a Marketing Associate at Geocaching HQ.