Five tips to host excellent geocaching Events

Are you looking to get to know geocachers in your local community? Are you looking to have some fun and make new friends? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it might be time for you to host an Event! Hosting or attending an Event Cache is one of the best ways to make new geobuddies and get in touch with your caching community. To help get you started, we’re sharing five tips how to host an excellent Event.

1. Pick a good Event location
A good location goes a long way toward making your Event a success. Pick a place that is easily accessible and can accommodate the number of people you expect to log a “Will attend” for your Event at a minimum. It’s also a good idea to pick a location that could be a fun destination. For example, you could host an Event somewhere with a beautiful view or near an impressive landmark.

2. Write a thoughtful Event description
Spend some time reviewing your Event description before submitting your Event Cache and make sure that it gives plenty of information about your Event. The description is where geocachers will get their information about your upcoming Event, so it’s helpful to have details about how they can reach the location, if parking is available nearby, and what to expect at the Event. Feel free to have fun with the description too. The description is kind of like an invitation to a fun geocaching get-together, and an engaging invitation is likely to bring out more attendees.

3. Give your Event a theme and optional activity
Spice up your Event with a theme and optional activity. Your Event could be a pancake breakfast on Mardi Gras, a detective-themed Event where cachers share tips for solving puzzles, or a pirate-themed Event on International Talk Like a Pirate Day—the options are endless. To give you an idea of the creative themes and activities to create Events around, check out this Community Celebration Event from 2022 where geocachers went on a hike with Alpacas, or this Seasonal Sweater Soiree Event where cachers got together styled out in their best festive sweaters.

4. Bring supplies
There are a few supplies it’s a good idea to bring along if you’re hosting an Event. Think about bringing nametags and pens, trackables for other attendees to discover, anything you’ll need for an activity if you’ve planned one, and a logbook for cachers to sign. Logbooks aren’t required for Events, but they can be a fun way to commemorate the gathering.

5. Have fun and make new friends
The most important tip for making your Event excellent is to have fun! Get to know your local geocaching community and add some new friends to your geocaching crew. Don’t forget to add your new pals as friends in the Geocaching® app as well. That way you can keep in touch until your next Event.

Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.