Three tips for adding geocaching to your everyday routine

A day where you can spend some time geocaching, whether it’s 15 minutes or 5 hours, is a good day. Finding a cache shows you new places, adds fun to your day, and gets you outside in the fresh air. It often feels like this kind of geocaching joy is something that you can only find if you have extra free time on the weekend or if you’re on vacation, but actually geocaching easily fits into everyday routines. Read on for tips on how to go geocaching regularly and start adding sparkle to the drab of the everyday.

Turn errands into cache outings
The next time you have to pick up groceries, drop off books at the library, or give someone a ride somewhere, see if there are any geocaches near your destination that you could try and find while you’re checking errands off your list. With Premium search filters you can quickly see the difficulty and terrain level of any geocache and decide if it makes sense for a quick find.

Create a geocaching kit
Sometimes the thing stopping you from going geocaching is not having the right equipment. Put together a small kit with geocaching essentials that you keep in your backpack or car and you’ll be ready for action whenever the opportunity to find a geocache comes your way. This kit could be as simple as a pen for signing logbooks and tweezers for logbooks in micros and nanos.

Make geocaching part of your exercise routine
Exercise can feel like a chore, but when you add geocaching to it, your mundane workout turns into a fun scavenger hunt. The next time you head out on a run, walk, or bike ride, see if there are any geocaches you can find along the way. When you have the goal of making a find guiding your morning jog, you’ll be surprised how motivated you feel.

Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.