Introducing Maker Magic events

When a well-designed geocache makes us smile with delight, it can feel like magic. With that spirit in mind, we’re excited to announce Maker Magic, a celebration of creative cache hides that may inspire you to create a wonderful new cache of your own.

The geocaching community is invited to host Maker Magic events between June 13–July 3, 2023. Anyone who logs an “Attended” at a registered Maker Magic event will earn a special souvenir! You can also check out Shop Geocaching for a sweet selection of Maker Magic swag.

How to qualify as a Maker Magic event:

  • The Event Cache* must fulfill all regular Event Cache guidelines.
  • The Event must last at least one hour and take place between June 13–July 3, 2023.
  • The Event must highlight cache quality and/or cache creation.
  • After publication, fill out this online form by June 11, 2023 to apply for Geocaching HQ Maker Magic status.
  • Once your Event is approved, you will receive a digital banner for your Event page to let players know they will receive a souvenir for attending!
    *CITO Events are not eligible to be Maker Magic events.

You may already know how to host excellent geocaching Events, but do you need some inspiration on how to highlight cache quality or cache creation at your event? Here are three wand-erful ideas to enchant you.

  1. Educational workshop
    Are you passionate about the guidelines and the cache-hiding process? This workshop format can appeal to first-time cache hiders to walk them through the process on everything from getting land manager permission to submitting their cache page. You may inspire the next wave of creative caches to find!
  2. Build a cache
    If you love a good DIY project and seeing a cool cache container created in front of your eyes, consider planning a demonstration or building workshop where participants can walk away with their own uniquely camouflaged container.

Let’s see what kind of magic the geocaching community can create! Share highlights of planning and hosting your special events on social media using #geomakermagic.

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