Explore with Adventures from the Smithsonian

In 2021, Geocaching HQ partnered with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. to create a series of Adventures highlighting the experiences the institution offers in the heart of the United States’ capital city. The series now has seven Adventures that guide Adventurers through the Smithsonian’s grounds to reveal the history of the institution and point out fascinating details and sights, so you can make the most of your time on the National Mall. Read on to learn more about this collection of Adventures.

The Locations of the seven Adventures take you up, down, and around the National Mall, a park with an almost two-mile long green lawn filled with monuments, museums, and gardens. A great number of the sights in the Mall are part of the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex. With so much to see, a visit to the National Mall has the potential to be overwhelming, but that’s where Adventure Lab® comes in.

The seven Adventures turns the National Mall from overwhelming into inviting as they guide you to discover hidden gems and make sure you don’t miss must-see sights. Plus, you get to take the tour at your own speed and in whatever order you like since all of the Adventures are nonsequential.

There’s a little something for everyone in this series of Adventure, with themes ranging from history to horticulture. If you’re curious about the history of the Smithsonian and its founding, travel through time with the Adventure Mr. Smithson Goes to Washington. This Adventure shares details about the namesake of the Institution, James Smithson, and shows how the Institution has grown since its founding.

If the impressive buildings of the twelve Smithsonian museums on the National Mall catch your eye, head out on the Architecture at the Smithsonian Adventure. No two buildings on the mall belonging to the Institute are the same. Learn about the buildings’ architectural styles and stories as you walk around the actual structures and see them in person.

Below is a list of the seven Adventures:
Mr Smithson Goes to Washington
Exploring Smithsonian Gardens with Mr. Smithson
Architecture at the Smithsonian
Castle of Curiosities
Once Upon a Castle
Women of the Smithsonian
African Americans at the Smithsonian

Whether you complete one of the Adventures or all seven, you’re sure to come away with an expanded mind and a new enthusiasm for all that the Smithsonian Institution offers.

Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.