Cache Hiding Themes 2024

2024 is finally here, and we have our planners open and ready for all the exciting plans the year will bring. One thing that we’re sure of as we look to the new year: we’re ready for something different.

We’d love to highlight all the memorable geocaches featured in the geocaching communities around the world—the question is, where to start?

That’s why we’re introducing our monthly geocache hiding themes, for all those cache owners who don’t know where to begin when it comes to their newest cache creation.

January: Books and libraries
February: Birdhouses
March: Plants and mushrooms
April: Colorful caches
May: Sports and video games
June: Animals
July: Water and nautical
August: Outer space*
September: Sneaky camouflage*
October: X-Large caches
November: Extreme (T5) caches
December: Holidays

Each month, we’ll highlight a handful of caches from that month’s theme on the Geocaching Blog. Every theme is open to interpretation, so let your creativity flow! Just remember to follow the geocache hiding guidelines.

Do you have a cache you hid or found that meets the theme? Share it with us by filling out this form.

We look forward to seeing the cache creations you come up with—here’s to something exciting in 2024!

*Themes for August and September were updated on March 7, 2024.

Nikki is a Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. Her specialties include making cheesy puns, talking endlessly about coffee, and being the only Californian who enjoys rain. She is passionate about geocaching and loves that it brings communities together.