Celebrate 25 years of geocaching at Community Celebration Events

As we count down to the 25th year of geocaching in 2025, community will be a huge part of the celebration because geocaching is all about people. We’re excited to share that Community Celebration Events (CCE) will return in 2025!

To qualify for a CCE (to be held in 2025), geocachers:

  1. Must have at least one cache published between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024. (Events and Adventures and adopted caches do not qualify.)
  2. Must host at least one Event (including CITOs) between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024. Adopted Events do not count.
  3. Must have created a Geocaching account before the announcement date of February 20, 2024.

Geocaching HQ will distribute CCEs to all geocachers who meet the criteria. Beginning July 1, 2024, we will distribute up to 2,025 CCEs each month, continuing until all qualifiers have received one. Additionally, we will distribute CCEs to all geocaching community volunteer reviewers, moderators, and translators. Each primary account hosting a Mega-Event, Giga-Event, or Block Party in 2025 will also receive a CCE.

Those who receive a Community Celebration Event must host it between January 1, 2025 and December 31, 2025. Events must be a minimum of two hours, and cannot overlap with events associated with a Mega-Event, Giga-Event, or Block Party.

We look forward to sharing more about the 25th anniversary of geocaching as the year 2025 approaches. With Block Parties, Community Celebrations, and more, it’s shaping up to be an amazing year of fun!

Here are answers to some common questions:

What are Community Celebration Events?

This event type is a specially designated community gathering held during significant milestone years in geocaching. These events allow players to celebrate around the world. Community Celebration Events were hosted between 2020 and 2022 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of geocaching (see Geocaching blog post announcing these events).

Why are you distributing 2,025 per month, instead of giving them all at once?

We believe there will be a lot of excitement about publishing these events. We want to distribute the effort of reviewing them by community volunteer reviewers over time. And we hope this minimizes people choosing the same date and time for their event.

I don’t qualify to host a Community Celebration Event, what can I do?

You may not qualify to host this particular cache type, but you are still eligible to host a regular Event Cache with your own celebration theme!

I want to celebrate a geocaching anniversary on a specific date, what can I do?

Unfortunately, selected event hosts won’t be determined ahead of time, so we are unable to honor requests for cachers with a specific date in mind. We recommend hosting a regular Event Cache with your own celebration theme, instead.

If I receive the opportunity to host a Community Celebration Event Cache, how soon can I submit it to my reviewer for publishing?

Community Celebration Events may be submitted for review up to six (6) months and no less than two (2) weeks in advance of your chosen Event date.

If I receive the opportunity to host a Community Celebration Event, how long do I have to submit my Community Celebration Event Cache for review?

Events may be hosted from January 1, 2025 to December 31, 2025. The final date to submit the cache page of your Community Celebration Event is December 17, 2025.

What else is planned to celebrate geocaching’s 25th anniversary?

We previously announced that organizers of events that qualify for Mega- or Giga-Event status for 2025 may choose the Block Party icon for their event. We look forward to providing additional details in the future, and invite the community to continue sharing their ideas for celebrating 25 years!

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