Come cache with me!—tutorials for finding real geocaches

Do you have a hard time finding caches in the field? Have you ever read and re-read the cache description, past logs from other geocachers, and the hint, only to search fruitlessly and end up with a DNF? Don’t worry—we’ve all been there before.

That’s why we compiled some of our best ‘find a cache with me’ tutorial videos to help you better understand where to look and to get you some real geocache finds under your belt!

You could do all the Geocaching 101 research in the world, but any experienced geocacher will tell you that the best knowledge comes from getting out there and searching for a cache. As you discover more about geocaching and the various ways a geocache can be hidden, your geocaching skills will only get stronger.

Here are a few examples of real geocaches we found, filming our journey along the way!

  1. Come with us to find an urban cache:


    Geocaching in a public place can be tricky, but once you learn how to hone in on your geo-senses, you can make a quick find without drawing too much attention! The best part about urban caches? There are usually only a few places the cache can be. We used the cache size as a hint for this find and narrowed it down to the most logical location.

  2. Help us find a cache with great camouflage:


    Caches in the wilderness can be difficult since there are so many possibilities! One helpful tip is to look for things that seem out of place. For this cache, we noticed a suspicious “geo-pile” disguising the geocache container. This camouflaged container just goes to show you that anything can be a geocache!

  3. This geocache will make you think:


    Everything is not as it seems with this find. We expected to find a common type of hide, an LPC (or “Lamp Post Cache”), but there was more than meets the eye here. Your username must be in the logbook to log a find, so we had to keep digging. If you’re feeling stumped, don’t forget to think outside the box and try out all possibilities (within reason, of course).

  4. Check out these examples of “everyday” caches as we complete a 7-day streak:


    We get it. Social media tends to show geocaches that are out of this world but may not be as accessible or commonly-found everywhere. You asked, and we answered: these seven caches show what you’ll realistically find on a cache outing. Pay attention to the hiding locations and special tools you might need for your own search!

  5. Find out what geocaches look like in other parts of the world:


    Do geocaches look different in other parts of the world? The short answer is: sometimes, yes, and sometimes, no! Different geocaching communities may have a type of hide you won’t see anywhere else, and sometimes, the cache container or hiding location can differ depending on the area. Other times, you might recognize a cache container from your local cache hunts. At the end of the day, we’re all people looking for little containers hidden somewhere in the world. And we think that’s pretty neat.

Every geocacher has their own method of searching, but these are just a few of our tips and experiences for securing the find. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the cache owner or local geocaching friends for an extra hint—geocaching is nothing without the community, after all!

Do you have a find that makes you want a walkthrough? Share it with us below, and let us know which geocaching tutorials you’d like to see next!

Good luck, and happy geocaching!

Nikki is a Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. Her specialties include making cheesy puns, talking endlessly about coffee, and being the only Californian who enjoys rain. She is passionate about geocaching and loves that it brings communities together.