Come cache with me!—tutorials for finding real geocaches

Do you have a hard time finding caches in the field? Have you ever read and re-read the cache description, past logs from other geocachers, and the hint, only to search fruitlessly and end up with a DNF? Don’t worry—we’ve all been there before.

That’s why we compiled some of our best ‘find a cache with me’ tutorial videos to help you better understand where to look and to get you some real geocache finds under your belt!

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What are tools of the trade?—check out these TOTT tutorials!

So you’re starting to get the hang of geocaching. You’ve watched all the tutorials, explored the Help Center, and even got a few geocache finds under your belt! But there’s one thing you just don’t understand—what in the world is a “TOTT,” and why do some caches require it?

We’re here to give you the lowdown on TOTTs (Tools of the Trade) and even share some examples of TOTTs you might need for your next geocaching hunt!

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