Our favorite Premium features: Favorite points

When we ask Premium members what they love most about their memberships, there are a few responses we can always expect to hear and one of them is: “Favorite points!” These little green hearts give geocachers an easy way to thank cache owners while also highlighting the caches the community had a great time searching for and finding directly on the map. Read on for four reasons why Favorites points are one of our most popular Premium features.

Showing appreciation for geocache hides
Favorite points make it easy to say thank you to cache owners who put in the time and thought to create a special geocache. A tap of the green heart when writing your log in the Geocaching® app, or on a cache page on the website, lets owners know that their creation brought other cachers joy.

Making caches stand out on the map
Sometimes when deciding what caches you want to find on your next outing, it’s nice to know that you’re picking geocaches that other cachers love. Thanks to Favorite points, that’s easy to do! You can see highly Favorited caches highlighted on the map with a little heart and their Favorite point count or you can use Premium search filters to find caches with a certain minimum Favorite point count.

If you’re looking for tools to help you stay motivated and work toward your geocaching goals, Favorite points are helpful in this scenario, too! Premium members earn Favorite points based on how many geocaches they find. Every Premium member starts out with 1 Favorite point and earns an additional Favorite point for every 10 caches found. Set goals for how many Favorite points you want to earn this year and keep your eye on your Favorite point count.

Keeping track of your great finds
Favorite points also let you easily keep track of all your favorite finds. If you visit your Lists on the website, you’ll see a tab labeled “Favorites” where you can see every cache you’ve ever given a Favorite point to. It is a scrapbook of great geocaching outings!

What are some of the caches you’ve given Favorite points to? Share in the comments below!

Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.