Celebrating the March Equinox

The March equinox marks a moment of balance in Earth’s orbit with nearly equal amounts of daylight worldwide. It symbolizes transition, marking the start of spring in the northern hemisphere and the start of autumn in the southern hemisphere. Around the world, it’s celebrated as a time of interconnectedness, reminding us of our shared experience, regardless of hemisphere. Whether you will celebrate a spring equinox or an autumn equinox this March, plan to include geocaching in your equinox celebrations to earn a souvenir!

The equinox happens twice a year when the Sun shines directly over the equator. It occurs because of Earth’s tilt on its axis as it orbits the Sun. When Earth reaches a certain point in its orbit, neither the North nor the South Pole is tilted towards the Sun, making the sunlight spread evenly over the Earth’s surface. This celestial event helps us understand more about our planet and its journey around the Sun!

Geocaching HQ created a souvenir for geocachers to celebrate the March equinox. To earn this souvenir, geocachers must find a total of 3 geocaches, Event Caches, and/or Adventure Lab® Locations between March 17–23, 2024. We chose three caches for the third month of the year!

And if you’re interested in celebrating your new March equinox souvenir with a geocoin, Shop Geocaching has a new geocoin with a design inspired by the special day.

How will you celebrate the equinox this March?

Dana is a Community Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. If Dana isn't out geocaching, she is probably snuggling with her cat, drinking coffee, and daydreaming about her next trip to Germany.