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by Landsharkz
British Columbia, Canada
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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Breaking news out of British Columbia, Canada—local geocache reaches 440 Favorite Points! Placed in 2015, Geocaching News – Read All About It! has over 1,200 finds. Read on to discover why this Geocache of the Week, GC5Z4N2, is headline-worthy.

Although parking is available close to GZ, the cache is also accessible via the Westsong Walkway. Songhees Park, about 1.5 miles (2.5 kilometers) from the cache, is a beautiful place to begin the journey. This starting point offers sweeping views of downtown Victoria, the Inner Harbor, and the Johnson Street Bridge. You could linger for hours enjoying this wonderful spot, but GC5Z4N2 is calling your name!

Image by rexine11.

Head down the path, where locals and tourists enjoy serenity just a stone’s throw from downtown. The path to the cache is lined with parks and green spaces that provide perfect spots for breaks along the way. Pay close attention to your surroundings, as you may have the chance to watch a seaplane land.

Image by !RedStag.

On the way to GZ, take a closer look at the cache page to get an idea of what is in store. Immediately, something about this geocache stands out. The cache is a Large! In a suburban area like this, one might expect to find Micro and Small caches and perhaps a Regular or two. It is impossible to hide a Large cache in an area like this, right? Landsharkz proves that sentiment wrong with this skillfully hidden-in-plain-sight geocache!

Image by Die Gäng.

Unknowing passersby likely won’t think twice about this seemingly ordinary newspaper box. That is, of course, unless they try to buy a newspaper. The local newspaper company donated this newspaper box, so it is very authentic. However, any seasoned geocacher will quickly notice something unique about this newspaper: the headlines are all about geocaching!

Image by Compubaer.

Read the front page and solve the field puzzle to gain access to the cache. What lies inside is newsworthy in its own right! The inner container is decorated with actual newspapers that tell tales of bygone days. Take time to swap trackables, sign the logbook, and trade SWAG. It’s not every day you find a geocache this big!

Image by raijinmeelee.

This incredible geocache experience has come to an end, but you are left with a fabulous story to tell in your very own newspaper article—or perhaps, your online log.

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