Guess notable geocache locations on GeoGuessr during The Geocaching Challenge

We’re excited to announce a special limited-time collaboration between Geocaching HQ and GeoGuessr!

GeoGuessr is an interactive geography game that transports players to random locations around the world using Google Street View. Just like geocaching, players must employ their navigation and deduction skills (aka, geo-senses) when guessing their precise location. The more accurately a player guesses, the more points they earn. Geocachers can even earn a limited edition souvenir!

From secluded mountain panoramas to bustling city centers, The Geocaching Challenge features ten places inspired by real-world geocaching locations and is free to participate.

As you play, you might recognize some familiar landmarks. It’s important to note that The Geocaching Challenge does not involve real-life geocaching. Instead, our goal is to highlight memorable locations, invite new explorers to our global community, and—most importantly—inspire future outdoor adventure!

In order to earn the limited-time souvenir:

  1. Play The Geocaching Challenge between March 26–April 12 and correctly identify at least one location.
  2. Find the hidden tracking code on the completion message screen.
  3. Discover the code at before April 12, 2024 to earn a special souvenir.

If you couldn’t find the hidden tracking code, don’t worry—a second tracking code will appear at the end of the game after guessing all ten locations. Discovering either tracking code will earn the souvenir.

NOTE: Geocaching HQ gives permission for these trackables to be discovered virtually.

The best experience is on desktop and this game will not appear in the GeoGuessr mobile app.

Begin The Geocaching Challenge

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