[BERRY] Galleria Montale— Geocache of the Week

by marberry94
San Marino
N 43° 55.725 E 012° 27.217

All aboard! Welcome to the Montale Tunnel, a historic railroad tunnel in San Marino. Open to the public, this tunnel provides learning experiences and recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike. Join us as we discover the history of San Marino and this week’s Geocache of the Week, [BERRY] Galleria Montale (GC9FN88).

Between 1932 and 1944, the Rimini–San Marino railway connected Rimini, Italy with San Marino. Although the railway was only 19.6 miles (31.5-kilometres) long, it included seventeen tunnels. Montale Tunnel, home of GC9FN88, was the closest of the seventeen tunnels to San Marino station. Damage during World War II closed the railway permanently.

Image by masaj_.

After 68 years of inactivity, the Montale Tunnel reopened in 2012 along with the restored Treno Bianco Azzurro (white-blue train). The tunnel is typically only open to foot traffic, but the train runs on special occasions. The geocache is not accessible when the train is active, so check the schedule before you visit.

Image by Katzrin.

Enter the tunnel and observe what is around you. As daylight is left behind, only the small light fixtures inside the tunnel illuminate the path. This railway is narrow-gauge, so the tunnel is smaller than some other railroad tunnels. Although the tunnel has been restored, the stone walls and ceilings are reminiscent of bygone days. Along the way, stay on the lookout for artwork and decorations, such as the dwarfs pictured above.

Image by ***mag***.

As you venture further into the tunnel, something catches your eye. To the side of the tracks is a smaller tunnel, which leads to an outdoor balcony. The hint says, “Follow the light and discover a secret spot inside the tunnel.” The light at the end of the tunnel comes with a special prize: the geocache!

Image by marberry94.

A small piece of rock sticks out from the otherwise smooth wall. Gently grab the rock and give it a little pull. The geocache is a petling container hidden inside a pre-existing hole in the wall. Sign the log and put the container back where it belongs before giving yourself a moment to enjoy the beautiful view. You earned it!

Image by FlaMar1.

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