Vind World of Warcraft® trackables en red Azeroth!

Een gloednieuw Pandemic System board game neemt fans mee naar het bevroren continent van Northrend waar de kwaadaardige Lich King en zijn ondode Plaag zich blijven verspreiden. Nu moeten we samen als iconische helden uit World of Warcraft® de bedreigingen in het land verslaan missies volbrengen en de poorten van Icecrown Citadel bestormen om Azeroth te redden.

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Find World of Warcraft® trackables and save Azeroth!

A brand-new Pandemic System board game takes fans to the frozen continent of Northrend, where the malevolent Lich King and his undead Scourge continue to spread. Now you must stand together as iconic heroes from World of Warcraft®, defeating threats across the land, completing quests, and storming the gates of Icecrown Citadel to save Azeroth.

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Women at laptop looking at screen of her geocaching souvenirs.

New! Sort your souvenirs

How do you like your souvenirs? In alphabetical order or in the order you earned them? What was once predetermined is now your choice. We added the ability to sort your souvenirs on and in the Geocaching® app.

In the Geocaching® app (8.47.0 or higher), sort souvenir names from A to Z, or by newest first. Your sorting selection will be sticky, so it’s always in the order you prefer. On, sort souvenir names from A to Z and Z to A—or by newest or oldest first. Plus, for the love of numbers, we added your souvenir count.

New souvenir challenge:
The Science of Discovery

It’s 20 years into the 21st century and geocachers continue to be experts in the science of discovery. Recently, geocaching innovators have experimented in the Adventure Lab® to create new experiences. From interactive food tours to local trivia, cachers are formulating Adventures in new ways.

Let’s combine geocaching with Adventure Lab to create the perfect solution for discovery. April 12 through July 11, find Adventure Lab Caches and other geocache types to earn up to four scien-terrific souvenirs.

Join this challenge to learn more about Adventures and the undeniable chemistry between geocaching and science.

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