3 million geocaches: the infographic.

A major milestone like 3 million geocaches is the perfect excuse to make an infographic. Who doesn’t love infographics?!

In all seriousness, this achievement is thanks to efforts by people all around the world. Collectively, they contributed millions of hours of time — time spent researching hiding spots, making containers, reviewing caches, hosting events, cleaning up the environment, and more. The result is more than 3 million geocaches. It’s 3 million experiences as interesting and varied as the people who created them!

Here’s a look inside 3 million geocaches:

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Geocache of the Week
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Na konci cesty — Geocache of the Week

by Bučáci
Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic
N 50° 00.401 E 013° 09.125
St. George's Church
St. George’s Church.

Lukova, Czech Republic is an idyllic country village with a population of 700. There you will find an old abandoned church from the 14th century that has seen better days. Local Petr Koukl knows the church well:

There’s no question the [St. George’s] church has seen a lot: it suffered several fires, it was allegedly damaged by the Husittes, it was rebuilt several times. The last straw, though, was the collapse of part of the ceiling during a funeral service in 1968 which chased the mourners out. After that the church was closed and not reopened again.


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GeoTour Spotlight: Visit Utah (GT54)

Favorite Points:

Utah is a four-season adventure destination. In spring geocachers can take advantage of pleasant temperatures and colorful, red rock landscapes surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges. This land is full of dramatic visual contrast and a rich prehistoric past you may discover when geocaching near ancient rock art such as Parowan Gap Petroglyphs (GC5HA8V), or Dinosaur National Monument (GC5H2HW).

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Celebrate 3 million geocaches with a new souvenir!

Way to go, geocachers! As of now, there are officially 3 million active geocaches hidden on Planet Earth.*

This is a big moment in geocaching history. What’s even more amazing is that it happened because of a collective effort by millions of people. They speak different languages and live in different countries, but all share one thing in common: geocaching.

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Pão de Açúcar — Geocache of the Week

by EarthCacheSeeker
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
S 22° 57.060′ W 043° 09.820′

If something is gneiss, don’t take it for granite.

560 million years ago, Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf in English)  busted through Earth’s crust, protruding out of the Atlantic ocean to a monolithic height of 1,299 feet (396 meters) above sea level. Its location and prominence provided a natural landmark that lent way to the creation of Rio de Janeiro in 1565, serving as a tactical defense point in Guanabara Bay.

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