9 Tips for responsible cache maintenance

Dear cache owner,

You hid me under this rock next to this waterfall two months ago. It’s a beautiful spot. I enjoy it very much. But now, after 25 finds, a rainstorm, and an encounter with a moose, my logbook is full, my trackables are damp, and I’m 15 feet away from where I should be. Help!

Your Cache

Sound familiar? Probably not, unless your cache has learned to communicate! Whether you’re a seasoned cache owner or about to hide your first cache, remember that maintaining your geocache is an essential part of cache ownership. Poorly maintained caches aren’t fun for anyone to find, and they risk being archived.

Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you to learn the art of geocache maintenance. Follow these 9 tips and your geocache will be thanking you for days. (Or it would, if cache-to-human communication were advancing a little faster.)

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Interview with NTM-27 AKA @creativecache

What do a Rubik’s cube, a typewriter, a heron, and a fishing pole all have in common? They are all things that cache owner NTM-27 has used to create a cache!



Nynke (NTM-27) is a 22 year old geocacher who combines her passions for geocaching and photography into her inspirational Instagram account, @creativecache. We reached out to learn more about her and how she draws inspiration for creative hides.

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TEATRO ROMANO / ROMAN THEATRE — Geocache of the week

by Adolficus
Mérida, Spain
N 38° 54.909′ W 006° 20.338′

Travel back to the year 15 BC and the splendor of the Roman Empire for this Geocache of the Week. The Roman Theatre of Mérida, Spain, is Europe’s best conserved original stage for theatrical performances and continues the tradition through the annual Mérida Classical Theatre Festival.

Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the largest and most extensive archaeological sites in Spain, and find the “cutting-edge” cache container nearby.

Cache owner Adolficus encourages visitors to reenact a tragic play and share photos on logs for others to enjoy.
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Four reasons to start using Project-GC

Project-GC is an official Geocaching HQ partner that aims to provide dynamic statistics for geocachers around the world. What started as a side project for geocaching friends quickly became a highly requested feature among geocachers across the globe.

Project-GC aims to enhance geocaching experiences by providing advanced tools and statistics. As an authorized API Partner, Project-GC doesn’t require a separate account, simply log in using your Geocaching.com credentials. Once logged in, you have access to personalized statistics, challenge checkers, and more. We’re sharing four reasons to start using Project-GC to complement your geocaching adventures.

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