The lost treasure of Mary Hyde

Ahoy mates, the journey has begun. Join your crew on the Friend League and learn how you can find the lost treasure of Mary Hyde here.

Spanning the globe and the seven seas, we introduce you to the infamous Captain Mary Hyde. Her ship, The Golden Cache, was the fiercest, and the bearded buccaneers and sea legged sailors reported to her. Legend has it that she ruled the high seas for many years, and found no shortage of riches throughout her reign.

We’ve come upon a battered letter, found in a bottle on the shore near Geocaching HQ, with the infamous crest of Captain Mary Hyde. It seems there is one last treasure yet to be found.

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15 geocaches. 15 countries. 22 hours and 25 minutes. Geotrip ’17.

What is Geotrip’17?

In 2011, a group of geocachers from the Netherlands set a geocaching record when they found 15 geocaches in 15 countries within 24 hours. Six years later, a group of Finnish geocachers were up to the challenge to break this record. Harjus, Rimaju, Weellu and Wesbridge embarked on Geotrip ‘17 on April 15, 2017 from the Netherlands just a second past midnight. They reached their final destination in Poland at 10:25 pm the same day 22 hours and 25 minutes later, setting the new record!

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Tiny island of San Paulo

The Sanctuary of Monteisola — Geocache of the Week

by fasusi
Lombardia, Italy
N 45° 42.117 E 010° 05.351
The Sanctuary of Monteisola GCVTP2
The Sanctuary of Monteisola GCVTP2

Normally, one must take a ferry to find the remote geocache, “The Sanctuary of Monteisola” in Lombardia, Italy. Then, one must hike for an hour uphill, passing small hamlets along the way with century-old churches filled with frescoes and statues. The views are spectacular, glorious, and oh-so-romantic.

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9 Tips for responsible cache maintenance

Dear cache owner,

You hid me under this rock next to this waterfall two months ago. It’s a beautiful spot. I enjoy it very much. But now, after 25 finds, a rainstorm, and an encounter with a moose, my logbook is full, my trackables are damp, and I’m 15 feet away from where I should be. Help!

Your Cache

Sound familiar? Probably not, unless your cache has learned to communicate! Whether you’re a seasoned cache owner or about to hide your first cache, remember that maintaining your geocache is an essential part of cache ownership. Poorly maintained caches aren’t fun for anyone to find, and they risk being archived.

Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you to learn the art of geocache maintenance. Follow these 9 tips and your geocache will be thanking you for days. (Or it would, if cache-to-human communication were advancing a little faster.)

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Interview with NTM-27 AKA @creativecache

What do a Rubik’s cube, a typewriter, a heron, and a fishing pole all have in common? They are all things that cache owner NTM-27 has used to create a cache!



Nynke (NTM-27) is a 22 year old geocacher who combines her passions for geocaching and photography into her inspirational Instagram account, @creativecache. We reached out to learn more about her and how she draws inspiration for creative hides.

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