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New: Official Posters For Your CITO Event

CITO Week begins this Saturday!

For the first time in geocaching history, there will be global CITO Week from September 17–25, 2016. Visit the CITO calendar to find an event near you.

Are you hosting or helping out at one of these events? If so, these CITO materials are for you! You can use these posters to help promote your CITO Events during CITO Week and all year long.

Posters To print and Post At Your CITO:


Download a printable version here.


Download a printable version here. 

Add THIS Official CITO Banner To YOur Event Page:

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Check out these instructions for adding an image to your geocache description.

What do you have planned for your CITO Event? Tell us in the comments below.


Moving Forward: Our Plans For Geocaching Mobile

We Hear You

Since introducing the Geocaching® app’s new name and icon earlier this year, we have received and read thousands of questions, comments, and survey responses from geocachers about our mobile apps. We take this feedback seriously and have spent a lot of time contemplating and debating next steps.

First things first: We’d like to acknowledge and thank you for the feedback—both positive and negative—that many of you have expressed. In the post below, we’ve collected and responded to some common themes, and laid out our plans for both the Geocaching® and Geocaching Classic apps in the near future.

Community Questions and Suggestions

The following questions and themes are the most common responses collected from the survey, as well as from emails, social media, and forum posts.

Offline geocaching is a must-have in the Geocaching® app.

Offline maps is the most requested feature by far. Geocaching happens outside after all! Building Lists and the ability to save them for offline use was our first step towards adding offline maps to the app. See “Moving Forward” below for additional information.

I need the option to award Favorite Points and submit different log types.

Geocaching is a community game that’s about more than a find count. We depend on geocachers to let each other know when a geocache needs maintenance or if there’s a great geocache worth trekking to. We agree that these features are essential. See “Moving Forward” below for additional information.

Did you really need to end support for the Geocaching Classic app?

Decisions like this are tough and we wish we didn’t need to make them. But we are a business. We don’t have unlimited resources. Retiring the Geocaching Classic app—an app we built and love—is not an easy decision, but it will free up resources to continue doing the work we believe is most important to helping the game thrive, which includes making improvements and adding new features to the Geocaching® app.

The Geocaching Classic app was developed in 2008. Mobile phone and app technologies have changed significantly since that time. The Geocaching® app was designed first and foremost to modernize the technology underlying our mobile products. We committed to making a better app built on more sustainable technology and that’s what we’re going to do.

The app doesn’t do what I need it to.

At Geocaching HQ, we consider it our responsibility to build products that serve as many people in as many places as possible all over the world. Sometimes that’s limiting. Because there are many different ways people like to play the game, we support geocaching partners—like Cachly, Looking4Cache, GSAK and Project-GC—who tap into the listing service we maintain to provide services we’re unable to at this time.

You said it and we agree: There’s still work to do. So what’s next?

Moving Forward

We originally planned to shut off the Geocaching Classic app in September 2016. If it’s not clear already, you’ve convinced us otherwise.

While the Geocaching® app is not yet complete, we are very proud of our sustained commitment to quality throughout its development. Since launch, we created a better way to find geocaches of all types, as well as trackables. We added 18+ languages to the app to be more welcoming to players around the world, and we added Message Center to make it easier for players to communicate. We also designed the app to better support outdoor play, including a live search for geocaching on the go. Most recently we built Lists, a feature that allows you to plan your geocache outings seamlessly between and the app.

That all being said, the Geocaching® app is missing some of the most requested features: offline and trail maps, log types, draft logs and Favorite Points. We are working to complete these features by March 2017. Until we get there, the Geocaching Classic app should continue to function. However, we are unable to make updates or bug fixes, since the app is no longer available in Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

For now, that’s the plan. We promise to keep you updated as we know more—and of course, “more” will include many of the features you requested.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. We hope that by sharing this, we at least communicated that Geocaching HQ is made up of folks who share your love for geocaching and always want to do the right thing for the game.


Your friends at Geocaching HQ


Update for iOS users: If you update your iPhone to iOS 10, the “Sign in with Facebook” feature on the Geocaching Classic app will no longer work. Fortunately, there is a workaround for this.

First, you’ll need to request a password. To do so, go to and log out of your account. Then, recover your password here. You’ll receive an email with a link to create a new password. Then, you can log into the app using your username and new password.

Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056 - photo courtesy of ~M&M~

Hilma Hooker (GC2W056) — Geocache of the Week

by Hud4
N 12° 05.974 W 068° 17.213
Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056 - photo courtesy of ~M&M~
Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056 – photo courtesy of ~M&M~

Ahoy, geocachers! When most geocachers think of T5 geocaches, they usually think of climbing to the top of a steep mountain. But some intrepid geocachers know that diving down, deep down, like, 29 meters (100 feet) down, is what T5s are really all about.

Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056 - photo courtesy of Lichtchef
Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056 – photo courtesy of Lichtchef

The Hilma Hooker is a shipwreck in the Caribbean Netherlands, and is well known as a popular wreck diving site. The ship was built during the 1950’s in the Netherlands and eventually ended up as a vessel used by a Colombian shipping company.

Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056 photo courtesy of De Prinnies
Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056 photo courtesy of De Prinnies

In the summer of 1984, after several months of surveillance for suspicious activities, the ship was detained in Bonaire. It was neglected for an extended period of time and took on a considerable amount of water. On September 7th, the ship was towed to anchorage, and then at 9:08 am, September 12th, the Hilma Hooker sank in just two minutes. That’s right—all 71.78 meters (235.5 feet) of this ship sank in less time than it takes to cook an egg.

Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056
Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056

The coordinates will take you to the shipwreck buoys; however, the actual geocache is 29 meters (100 feet) underwater at the shipwreck itself. The log is in the sand under the yardarm of the ship’s main mast. Here are some logs from those who’ve made the dive:

“Very nice location to visit! The wreck is easy to dive around also for less experienced divers. Just watch out the depth and current. The wreck is guarded by a couple of big tarpons (fish) and has a funny history. TFTC!” –Exploring bear

“A few days ago I have only my Open Water Diver certification get. And now even followed my first underwater cache. When we discovered the ship I was impressed. After we had found the Madonna we could create the Logproof photos. I’m still fascinated by this cache.” –moestaverne77

“As I was by myself I did a guided dive on this great wreck. Thanks a lot for all the information provided – the ship really has an interesting history and appears to have (been) sunk in a perfect location… Visibility was pretty good and there were no other divers apart from us. Using nitrox we could spent enough time to explore the wreck and of course to ‘stoop down and with the finger write on the ground’ my cachername ‘kinderarzt’… Although, by now it has probably turned into dust and ashes. Great idea – worth a blue ribbon just as blue as the surrounding water. TFTC” –kinderarzt

“Thanks for placing a cache at this famous dive spot. In this way we could log our first “terrain 5” cache without having to do major climbing .” –Woffi

  • Geocache Hilma Hooker GC2W056

Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog.

If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form!

Hilma Hooker (GC2W056) — Geocache of the Week
Hilma Hooker (GC2W056) — Geocache of the Week
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International EarthCache Day is October 9!

On October 9, you can earn a new souvenir by learning more about the Earth (aka geocaching’s game board). All you have to do is go out and find an EarthCache on International EarthCache Day!

EarthCaches don’t have physical containers, but instead bring you to a unique location and teach you a geological science lesson. Check out these stunning EarthCaches to learn more.

On International EarthCache Day, this special geocache type will be free to all players in the Geocaching® app.* The app makes finding and logging EarthCaches easy. Just send your answers to the geocache owner via Message Center!

Get the Geocaching® App.

*Excludes specifically designated Premium Member Only caches.
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And The HQ Duck Dash Winners Are…

From July 20–August 20, over 15,000 trackables competed in the HQ Duck Dash. The following trackables crossed the finish line at an International Geocaching Day event, and have been awarded eternal bragging rights (and a digital HQ Duck Dash Winner Badge) for the categories listed below. Congratulations!

Best Trackable Photo

1st Place: Natalie247 with Nat’s Wrath.


2nd Place: Aerophile with Army Duck.


3rd Place: n8vision with Monchhunts Deadly Duck Lust.


Most Story-Worthy Moment (Best Log)

1st Place: 2512 with A Duck Called Wanda

2nd Place: AmigaAZ with Bugmann’s Greed.

3rd Place: stellarissa with ErnaE Water for Duck Race.

Furthest Distance Traveled

1st Place: geniejoan with GLUTTONY DUCK. Total Distance Traveled: 75,726.610 miles

2nd PlaceMoti7469 with 7 Deadly Ducks tag von MoTi. Total Distance Traveled: 66,187.34 miles

3rd Place: rubymoon05 with 7 Deadly Ducks TagTotal Distance Traveled: 55,065.08 miles

Most Geocaches Involved

1st Place: Isola d’Vess with Lucky the Greedy Duck. Number of Geocaches: 1095

2nd Place: Terkel10 with 7 Deadly Ducks Tag. Number of Geocaches: 1092

3rd Placevon’ene with 7 Deadly Ducks Tag. Number of Geocaches:1053

Most Geocachers Involved

1st Place: Fay, R+R with Doodle DuckNumber of Geocachers: 36

2nd Place: MommyTRex with Duck Dash ’16 Duck Hunt TBNumber of Geocachers: 7

3rd Place: The following geocachers’ trackables tied, with 6 geocachers involved each!

Thanks to all participants for helping us celebrate 15 years of trackables!