You earned a free tracking code, now what?

You can travel nearly anywhere in the world and maybe even to space—without ever leaving your neighborhood: Just release a geocaching trackable and watch it move!

A trackable is a geocaching game piece that travels from geocache to geocache. By sending a trackable off on a mission, you can see the world through other geocachers’ logs and photos!

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Hiljainen Kansa - Geocache of the Week
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Hiljainen Kansa — Geocache of the Week

by woltti22
N 65° 05.635 E 028° 54.329


One of the wonderful things about geocaching is how it leads you to locations you may have otherwise never heard of. Case in point: GC1D4ZP.

Today’s Geocache of the Week takes us to a remote field in northeastern Finland. As you drive along Highway 5 and look to the east, you will discover an army of over 1000 scarecrows in a field. The peaceful mob is made of wooden crosses, decorated with straw hair and bright clothes, which are refreshed twice a year.

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Win a Magic: The Gathering Trackable and explore IXALAN!

Magic: The Gathering is the first, and most popular trading card game of all time. To celebrate the release of a new card set, they’ve teamed up with geocaching to release thousands of trackables to geocachers and fans all over the world!

Magic fans and geocachers are invited to explore the newest plane of the Magic Multiverse, IXALAN! On your journey, discover dangerous dinosaurs and plundering pirates as you seek out caches around the globe. Take a Magic: The Gathering, IXALAN Treasure Piece trackable with you from cache to cache to reveal hidden secrets (and maybe some card previews). Share your latest find on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtags #MTGGeocachers and #MTGXLN.

Enter to win a free trackable: Geocaching.com/Magic.


New: An events calendar on your Dashboard

We have said it (many times) before – the geocaching community and friendships among geocachers all over the world makes this the game we love. This year alone more than 87,000 geocachers came together at over 24,000 geocaching events and 35 Mega-Events* to play, exchange geocaching stories, and create lifelong friendships.

To be part of the global community of treasure hunters, we want to make it easier for you to connect with fellow geocachers near and far. That is why we’re introducing a new personalized events calendar on your updated Dashboard.

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