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Geoheimnisse der Region Hannover GeoTour (GT31)

Hanover, Germany
Favorite Points:

Hanover is the capital city of Lower Saxony. The city is known for its quaint aesthetic, world class events, and the Eilenriede — a forest in the middle of the city that is twice the size of Central Park in New York City. The Geoheimnisse der Region Hannover GeoTour (GT31) hosts 75 unique gadget caches with a total of almost 10,000 Favorite points — that’s an average of 135 Favorite points per cache! If you’ve seen the caches for yourself it’s no mystery why this GeoTour has the second-most Favorite Points in the world. 

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Carhenge – Sacred Tourist Trap — Geocache of the Week

by catalyst
Nebraska, United States of America
N 42° 08.605′ W 102° 51.449′

Carhenge – Sacred Tourist Trap is Nebraska’s first GOTW — we will try to not make it too corny. Carhenge consists of 38 automobiles 96 feet (29 m) in diameter and is one of the most favorited caches in the state with over 1,000 logs.

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Tintern Abbey Church Micro 10000

The world’s largest geocache series: Church Micros

Written by Sarah Murphy aka The Geocaching Junkie

Church Micro 10000 Tintern Abbey GC6PWBD
Church Micro 10000 Tintern Abbey GC6PWBD

If you’ve ever gone geocaching in Great Britain, you’ve probably come across a Church Micro cache. Church Micros are geocaches near interesting churches, church ruins, or chapels to highlight beautiful architecture or fascinating history. Contrary to the name, the container itself does not need to be a micro; in fact, it can be any size or even a Virtual Cache. While the series is predominated by Traditional and Multi-Caches, there are also Mysteries, EarthCaches, Wherigos, and Letterbox Hybrids. Even some of the new Virtual Rewards are Church Micros.

The series was created 10 years ago by sadexploration (Steve) and exploded in popularity since then. There are now more than 11,000 Church Micros, making it the largest cache series anywhere in the world.

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Butler County Donut Trail GeoTour (GT77)

Location: Butler County, Ohio
Favorite Points:

Best time of year to visit

Ohio is graced by all four seasons. Whether you like to enjoy the spring flowers, summer warmth, fall colors, or snowy winter scenes, the Butler County Donut Trail GeoTour will take you on a scenic drive through the entire county.

Butler County Donut Trail GeoTour

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