Préparez quelques popcorns et regardez du géocaching sur le grand écran.

Finalement, les finalistes du Festival International du Film de Géocaching 2017 ont été choisis ! Ces films se sont distingués des autres de par leur créativité, leur qualité de production, leur contenu, et leur contribution à la communauté mondiale des géocacheurs.

Offrez un tonnerre d’applaudissements aux films et réalisateurs suivants :

Participez à un event GIFF entre le 2 et le 6 novembre 2017 pour voir chacun des 17 films et obtenir le souvenir GIFF 2017.

Vous souhaitez organiser votre propre event GIFF ? Visitez cette page pour en apprendre plus.

Vous cherchez des géocoins GIFF et d’autres objets dédiés ? Visitez la Boutique Geocaching ou d’autres revendeurs internationaux.

Mache etwas Popcorn und schaue Geocaching auf der Kinoleinwand!

Endlich wurden die Finalisten des Internationalen Geocaching-Filmfestivals 2017 ausgewählt. Diese Filme stachen mit ihrer Kreativität, Produktionsqualität und Inhalten aus den Einsendungen hervor und sind großartige Beiträge für die Geocaching-Community.

Lasst uns den folgenden Filmen und Filmemachern einen großen Applaus spenden:

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Prepara unas palomitas y disfruta del geocaching en pantalla grande

¡Por fin han sido escogidos los finalistas del Geocaching International Film Festival de 2017!. Estas películas destacan del resto por su creatividad, calidad de producción, contenido y contribución a la comunidad mundial del geocaching.

Demos un caluroso aplauso a las siguientes películas y directores:

Participa en un evento GIFF entre el 2 y el 6 de Noviembre de 2017 para ver las 17 películas y obtener el souvenir del GIFF 2017.

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And action! It’s time to start planning your GIFF event!

The Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) is still three months away (November 2 – 6) but now is the perfect time to start planning your event. Don’t know where to start? Look here for help.

GIFF is your only chance to earn a souvenir by watching a whole series of unique and fun geocaching movies. For more inspiration, check out these amazing moments from GIFF 2016.

Questions you should think about while planning:

  • What equipment will you use to show the finalist films?
  • How many people will come and how many seats do you need?
  • Will your film night have a theme, snacks, or film judging?

How to host a GIFF Event:

  1. Read the tips for hosting an event.
  2. Submit your event listing on at least two weeks prior to the date of your event and wait for it to be published by a Volunteer Reviewer.
  3. Once your event is published, fill out the GIFF Sign Up Form.
  4. Wait for your event to be approved via email by the GIFF team at HQ.

Approved events will be added to the GIFF 2017 bookmark list and will receive the GIFF film reel file prior to the event.

Are you looking for GIFF Geocoins or other merchandise items? Check out our Shop.

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6 Tips for Submitting a Film to GIFF

The Geocaching International Film Festival is returning for another year of epic geocaching moments captured on camera.

If you’re a filmmaker, a geocacher, or something in between, GIFF 2017 is your chance to have your geocaching film viewed by thousands of people on movie screens all over the world. Submissions are due August 1, 2017.

But before you start filming, check out these tips all GIFF filmmakers should follow!

1. Know the rules for submission

Seriously. Read the rules. In the past we’ve had to reject films that:

  • Are longer than 4 minutes. We immediately disqualify these entries.
  • Show footage of a geocache that they either don’t have permission to spoil or that doesn’t follow all basic requirements for hiding a geocache. If you’ve received permission to show an active geocache, make a note of that in the film submission form.
  • Include footage that is not family friendly. By “family friendly” we mean: no nudity, sexually explicit or suggestive content, profanity, firearms or other weapons, racist, harassing or otherwise offensive content or content that would be inappropriate for children, such as violent or frightening content. Several times in the past, we’ve had to disqualify film entries for scenes that are too frightening for young kids.
  • Use footage, music, photos, etc. that they don’t have rights to.  Here are some free, fair-use music resources:
2. Tell a story only you can tell

There’s nothing wrong with your film being about a geocaching love story, a race to the FTF, or a geocaching montage, but be aware that we’ve seen those themes a lot in the past. After watching the finalist films from previous years, where do you find the art in geocaching? How do you make this game your own? And don’t forget that your film can be fiction or in a documentary style.

3. Make it global

Geocaching is an international game, and so is every GIFF audience. Try to show an element of the geocaching experience that people in different corners of the world can connect with. Try to find a balance between a film that is personal to you and one that others can relate to.

4. Make it visual

Show, don’t tell! Film is visual medium—you’ll have your audience hanging on tenterhooks by keeping the voiceover and dialogue short and sweet. This GIFF 2015 finalist film was able to do a lot with no dialogue at all.

5. Less is more

Just because you can submit up to 4 minutes of video doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Ask yourself, “What is the simplest way I can tell this story?” Then, add more if you can’t resist. This will help you focus on what is truly important and keep your audience engaged. 2015 GIFF finalist, Travel Bug Story, tells a sweet and simple story in under 2 minutes!

6. Focus on quality

We understand if geocaching comes before filmmaking on your hobby list—we’re not looking for Hollywood here. We are, however, looking for videos that will look and sound good on the big screen. As much as you may love your GoPro, simply wearing it around while you go geocaching usually doesn’t make for the best footage. If you can, use a tripod and an external mic. If you can’t, have your actors speak close to your on-camera mic and use a natural tripod like a tree limb or your friend’s shoulder. The 2015 finalist, The Future of Geocaching, is a great example. For more technical tips, check out Vimeo’s Video School.


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