Geocachers reach new heights with Planetary Pursuit

It’s been quite the expedition navigating beyond the geocaching universe, caching on every planet to try to become an Official Space Explorer. In fact, over 44,500 geocachers collected over 500 points on their Friend League to reach Pluto, earning the Official Space Explorer souvenir!

In honor of the nine planets (counting dwarf planet, Pluto!) we’re sharing nine fun stats and photos from Planetary Pursuit from around the world and surrounding galaxies!

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Planetary Pursuit Rescue Mission has launched


Planetary Pursuit Rescue Mission has launched.

To give geocachers more time to complete their missions, Planetary Pursuit has been extended for an additional week. Please make sure to log all your finds before Monday, April 16, at noon UTC to earn your Friend League points and Planetary Pursuit souvenirs.  

Since launching Planetary Pursuit three weeks ago, tens of thousands of Geocaching Explorers have blasted into space to log new geocaches and conquer extraterrestrial geocaching adventures.

But Signal, we had a problem.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Planetary Pursuit,, the Geocaching® apps, and API partners experienced intermittent outages. We know many of you were counting on geocaching and logging your finds, especially during peak weekend times. We hope extending Planetary Pursuit for another week gives you the opportunity to achieve your Official Space Explorer badge.

Thank you for all the stellar feedbackgood and badregarding Planetary Pursuit and accompanying technical issues. We received thousands of comments, suggestions, and questions from enthusiastic geocachers all over our planet. We thank you and wish you well in completing your mission.

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Todavía tienes hasta el 15 de Abril para conseguir los 10 souvenirs

¿Has visitado la Tierra, Venus y Mercurio pero todavía no te has aventurado hasta Plutón? ¡No te preocupes, explorador de la Búsqueda Planetaria, todavía tienes tiempo para conseguir los 10 souvenirs y convertirte en un Explorador Espacial Oficial!

Encuentra diferentes tipos de cachés hasta el 15 de Abril y consigue puntos en la Liga de Colegas para obtener hasta 10 nuevos souvenirs. El Control de Tierra cree en ti y en tus habilidades como geocacher. Cambio y corto.

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Vous avez jusqu’au 15 avril pour remporter 10 souvenirs

Have you visited Earth, Venus and Mercury and must now go to Pluto? No worries, Explorer of the Planetary Pursuit, you still have time to win the 10 memories and become an Official Space Explorer!

By April 15, find different types of caches and collect points on the League of Friends to win up to 10 memories. Ground Control believes in you and your abilities in geocaching. End of transmission.

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Du hast noch bis zum 15. April Zeit, um alle 10 Souvenirs zu sammeln

Hast Du die Erde, die Venus und den Merkur besucht, aber musst noch zum Pluto reisen? Keine Sorge, Planetary Pursuit Erkunder, Du hast noch Zeit alle 10 Souvenirs zu erhalten und ein offizeller Weltraumentdecker zu werden!

Finde verschiedene Geocache-Arten bis zum 15. April und sammle Punkte in der Freundesliga, um bis zu 10 neue Souvenirs zu verdienen. Die Bodenkontrolle glaubt an Dich und Deine Geocaching Fähigkeiten. Over and out.