Cache Hiding Themes—May: sports and video games

Ready player one! This month’s theme is all about sports and games, and we’re feeling that team spirit!

Geocaching may be an outdoor game, but we know geocachers have other games they enjoy, whether that be on the field or on screen. You showed up with a competitive edge to highlight your favorite game-themed caches. Here are just a few hides that stood out as this month’s all-stars:

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Bonus Birthday party!—Geocache of the Week

Mystery Cache
by riapat
Limburg, Belgium
N 51° 00.300 E 005° 36.164

With this geocache, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Our Geocache of the Week, Bonus Birthday party! (GC92KZH), gives you the chance to celebrate your birthday geocaching-style as you complete a series of caches to reach one final sweet surprise.

So blow out the candles and make a wish! If you wished for more geocaching, you’re in luck—there are plenty of birthday surprises ahead.

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Celebrating the June solstice

It’s that time of year again!

The June solstice marks the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere.

No matter where you are, the solstice symbolizes change and represents a turning point in the year. It’s a time to celebrate, a time to reflect, and a time to look forward to what will come! Whether you will experience a summer solstice or winter solstice this June, join us in celebration with a new geocaching souvenir! Continue reading →