Country Spotlight: Five fun caches in Polska

As a geocaching country on the rise, Poland is now home to 45,000+ geocache adventures, many geoart masterpieces, and a warm and welcoming community. The majority of geocaches in Poland are Traditionals, but the first cache that was placed in this country was a Virtual. To truly understand the inner workings of geocaching in Poland, you’ll have to take a walk in the shoes of a local cacher. Here are five fun caches, all hidden by locals, that’ll inspire you to start planning a trip to experience it firsthand.

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CITO 2019 Season 1

CITO 2019 Season 1, Halftime Show

CITO 2019 Season 1
CITO 2019 Season 1

All good cachers go geocaching, what do great cachers do?

The current count for Cache In Trash Out® 2019 Season 1 events is around 1,350. That’s a 24% increase over last year, and we’re only half of the way through the season. Woohoo! Additionally, the hashtag #trashtag has been trending on social media, piling onto the Earth-lovin’ frenzy. Double Woohoo!

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Eyes Up — Geocache of the Week

Mystery Cache
by soratte & nemrodek
Vatican City State
N 41° 54.148′ E 012° 27.197′

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. With only 100 acres of land, this tiny monarchy’s influence has been hugethe Pope and the Catholic Church once ruled Europe.

This influence is reflected today in the over 900 ornate churches which remain. If you visit Rome, we recommend visiting these churches to help you solve the architectural mystery of this Geocache of the Week: Eyes Up.

The view from St. Peter’s. Image by Ernschdla.

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