Diving deep with Richard Garriott (LordBritish) and Michael Dubno (Dubnium)

In the global geocaching community, we are fortunate to have so many interesting people with very extraordinary stories. Richard Garriott, better known as LordBritish among geocachers, is someone who tests the limits of what is possible for geocache placement. With legendary geocaches such as International Space Station and the Deep Sea Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents, Richard Garriott, along with expedition partner Michael Dubno (Dubnium), tested those limits once again by placing an EarthCache at Challenger Deep of the Marianas Trench 10,925 meters (10.9 kilometers, 6.8 miles) beneath the surface of the water.

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Visit Mesa Autism Travel GeoTour

Visit Mesa Autism Travel GeoTour is a strategic collection of geocaches anchored at many of Mesa’s participating Certified Autism Centers and city parks — these hidden spots will get the whole family outside and moving! All ages and lifestyles, from outdoor adventurers to tech-lovers, will enjoy the thrill of searching while experiencing this wonderful city. Find five of these geocaches then visit the Mesa Visitor Center to collect a special keepsake! Collect all geocaches to earn the digital completion souvenir on your geocaching profile.

Fun in the sun! Many caches are located throughout the downtown area, but there are many outdoor activities just a hop and a skip from there. These include paddleboarding, kayaking, water skiing, boating, fishing, and horseback riding. With warm weather throughout the year, you can pack light and go far!

Image by JustFindingOurWay.

Don’t forget to bring your hiking boots to explore the desert and get close to flora and fauna on our miles of trails. Mesa was named one of the top 10 cities for bicyclists by Forbes magazine, so whether you explore by foot or on wheels, you will be delighted,

While planning your tour, you do not want to miss the Mesa Settler’s Seat in April & May to relax and smell the roses that will be in bloom. While finding the joy in the little things in life, you can find GC8FQ83.

Visit Mesa’s original Autism GeoTour (FT48C) was developed as a way to engage travelers on the autism spectrum and provide a fun way to explore all corners of the city on a quest for caches. Learn more about the First Autism Certified City-Mesa: www.AutismTravelAZ.com.

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Music, geocaching, and unexpected friendships—Interview with Bugsy Travels & The Ammo Boxes

Bugsy Travels & The Ammo Boxes is a cover band that takes well-known pop songs and re-writes the lyrics with a geocaching twist. It all started with playing together just for fun one evening and turned into a band that delights geocachers with fun, relatable lyrics. We spoke with them to find out what it’s like to create and perform music about geocaching adventures.

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Mesa’s Fresh Foodie Trail GeoTour

Explore Mesa, Arizona and surrounding agricultural communities through geocaching with the Mesa’s Fresh Foodie Trail GeoTour (GT49A). The GeoTour introduces geocachers to the culinary treasures of the Fresh Foodie Trail®.

Here, fresh experiences, a treasured heritage of family farms, and long-standing festivals make for lasting memories. Serving as a culinary gateway to Phoenix and Scottsdale, the neighboring farms in and around Mesa provide a bounty of seasonal goods for visitors to enjoy year-round.

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Planetary Geology on Earth: Echo Amphitheater — Geocache of the Week

by hzoi
New Mexico, United States
N 36° 21.580′ W 106° 31.716′

Today’s featured EarthCache takes us to New Mexico and Mars, as part of the Planetary Geology on Earth Series. New Mexico’s “Land of Enchantment” moniker is well deserved for its breathtaking beauty on a grand scale. The area features stunning desert landscapes and impressive geological features like tall sandstone hoodoos, volcanic calderas, and lava plugs. Add to that bubbling hot springs, magnificent deep river gorges, the world-renowned Carlsbad Caverns full of spectacular formations and the largest cave room in North America, and you’re sure to feel enchanted too.   

Today we feature another fascinating EarthCache as our Geocache of the Week, Planetary Geology on Earth: Echo Amphitheater (GC652YV).

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