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Editor’s note: the Travel Bug® aboard the International Space Station returned to earth in early 2011. The Travel Bug can now be viewed (and logged!) at Geocaching HQ in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Richard Garriott is a man on a mission. The active geocacher holds two extreme records in the world of geocaching.  He’s placed the highest and the deepest caches.  One cache is on the International Space Station, the other in an ocean trench off of Europe.  Hear why he’s spent millions to push the treasure hunt to the edge.

See all the Lost & Found videos, from an 88 year old geocacher to how Geocaching.com got it’s start, here.

  • I'm gonna guess the space station cache has a slightly higher difficulty rating than one. 😀

  • Web-ling (Rich Wendling)

    How did you work around the “no traveling geocaches” guideline?

  • Motoed

    Of course he would like Geocaching… He's my favorite guest on ScamSchool. It's too cool that he put one on the SpaceStation!!

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  • TheRo0ster

    How come I can’t find this user or these caches on the site?

  • danal70

    considering the zero gravity on ISS terrain should be rated as 1. the only problem for a while is the very expensive shuttle ticket. so that cache must be rated 1/1 with atribute of “very expensive fee”.

  • Diane

    I easily found the profile for LordBritish.

  • Crouchcrew

    I was very disappointed he allowed someone to log it who was not really there.  He took a picture of himself and gave it to an astronaut.  That Astronaut took a picture at the cache sight of the geocacher and the CO allowed him to call it a find!

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  • Die Lessies