Roadtrip? Just add Geocaching…

Lackeys and friends celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the "The Goonies" film and add geocaching to the fun

You can’t take it with you.  The adage is a common enough saying, but when it comes to geocaching, it’s an outright lie.  You can take it with you whether you’re road tripping for business or during a family holiday.

A group of Lackeys did just that this weekend.  They road tripped from Seattle, Washington USA, one state south to Oregon.

Why? The Lackeys revisited a movie at the heart of all things geocaching.  They took part in the celebration “Never Say Die – The Goonies 25th Anniversary Celebration”.

“The Goonies” is a classic location based treasure hunting film featuring a pack of outcast kids seeking a pirate’s hidden treasure with the mob in hot pursuit.  The movie based in Astoria, Oregon.  “The Goonies” is in a word, hilarious.

But what’s hilarity without sharing the fun with friends?  Enter the Lackeys.  In true geocaching tradition, they created an Event Cache.  More than 50 people showed up to share their own stories of hunting hidden treasure – though geocachers were not armed with a treasure map or chased by the mob (I hope), they were packing some serious GPS power.

Trackable t-shirts

There were also Trackables (like the t-shirts in the pictures.) trivia and trading at the Event Cache. Getting any ideas about hosting an Event Cache?

Right now, there are over four million of your geocaching friends out there in the wide world.  If your holiday travels take you to a fun and exciting destination, why not add geocaching to the equation?

You’ll be able to finally put faces to geocaching usernames and connect with local cachers.  It’s easy to create an Event Cache, just go to the Hide and Seek a Cache page.  Begin planning your Event Cache by reviewing how to Hide a Cache.

Your next road tripping adventure will multiply in fun.  Because with geocaching, you can take it with you.

Let us know, what has been your favorite Event Cache?  What’s your advice for a geocacher who’s thinking about attending their first Event Cache?